47Here are 5 ways to fail at weight loss:

  1. Losing too fast. Remember that slow weight loss is sustainable weight loss so you should really never lose any more than 1/2 to 1 kg a week. The slower you lose the better really so please resist the temptation to try lose too much too soon.
  2. Believing in magic. There are no “magic secrets” or “fail-safe diets”. No matter who says so. It really comes down to things like sensible healthy eating, eating a bit less overall, portion control, avoiding junk food, and being active. You know all that already though, don’t you?
  3. Following a script. We are not in favour of strict diets or any form of prescribed diet in fact. What gives you the best chance of success is finding your own way to eat better and live actively. But you know the basics already: you know what healthy food looks like and you know where your own weaknesses are. What’s needed, mainly, is not a diet but a mind-set change…
  4. Forgetting the mental side. Weight loss is not so much about information and science and “how-to” but rather it’s about willpower and habit-breaking and positive mental attitude etc. Sometimes it has to do with serious emotional issues. It’s usually a deeply personal matter, in truth. We know this and we respect this. Give it some careful thought: what has stopped you losing weight in the past? What’s stopping you now?
  5. Giving up. Weight loss is hard. Very hard even. But it is not impossible. So many people actually give up and persuade themselves that they cannot lose weight and of course, THEN they can’t. We understand, and fully respect, the nature of the challenge here, but difficult is not the same as impossible.

Think about these carefully. We feel sure you can recognise the truths here and you can probably see yourself in some of this…