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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is a fairly common mental illness that results from traumatic experiences like rape, assault, violence, conflict, warfare, motor vehicle accidents, child abuse, or the threat of such things. PTSD is quite common in wartime situations hence its being previously known as "shell shock" or "combat neurosis". A surge in US cases arising from [...]

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Mental health help

Mental health, psychological wellbeing, life balance, resilience, mindfulness.....these, and others, are all terms used to describe a positive mental, psychological, and emotional state. Sadly, but truthfully, something like one in five of us will have some form of significant mental health problem, challenge, or illness, in our lives.  Mental illness is common but it [...]

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2020 Questions

As we write this in late 2020, the world has changed. We have seen the coronavirus pandemic, national lock-downs, economies in free-fall, racial tensions internationally and locally, political extremism, and more. It adds up to a world in real turmoil such as most have never seen in their lifetimes. The future seems uncertain. These [...]

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Covid-19 and stigma

Covid-19 (the disease caused by the new coronavirus) is brand-new pandemic sweeping the world in 2020. Everyone has been affected. Many have died. More yet, will die. The world has changed and may never be quite the same again. There is anxiety, fear, sadness, uncertainty and anger. There is also stigma... What is Covid-19 [...]

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So you want to boost your immune system?

The human body's immune system is responsible for fighting off infection and disease. It is a very complex system that involves skin, gut, blood, specialised white blood cells, antibodies, and more. Nobody wants to be sick and so we have long sought ways to strengthen our immunity. Pandemics like HIV and Covid-19 certainly highlight [...]

Making healthy habits stick

Wellness, and health to a large extent, comes down to lifestyle (strictly speaking there's also genetics, age, luck, and some other factors but since we cannot control those factors, we focus on lifestyle, which we can manage). Healthy lifestyles are all about healthy habits. Most of us have a fairly good idea of the [...]

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Choose a habit, any habit…

Wellness comes down to lifestyle. Healthy lifestyles build and sustain wellness, and well people live better (with more energy, enthusiasm, productivity, happiness). It's a cycle and it's a circle. So how do we build and sustain a healthy lifestyle? Books and books have been written, an endless stream of online videos can be watched, [...]

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Working from home – ergonomics

For many people working-from-home is a new experience altogether. For others it might not be new, but the extent of it during coronavirus and lock-down surely is. We have written articles with general advice but here we would like to focus on a particular challenge: ergonomics. Most of us do not have dedicated offices [...]

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Working from home – with children

For many years now there has been a trend towards working from home. This has mainly been driven by advances in communication technology, the worsening in commuter-traffic, the growth in skills-based businesses, and a global drive for more flexibility in work and in life generally. Right now though, in 2020, there is a new [...]

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Combatting Coronavirus: some subtleties

So you know about hand-washing and social distancing and managing your sneezes and your coughs. You're complying with the lock-down regulations. You're on top of the situation. You've got this. Right? Well, maybe not - perhaps there are a few subtleties that have escaped you, or a few areas where you're still confused. We [...]

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