Gender Based Violence

Gender based violence (GBV) refers to violence perpetrated on the basis of gender, gender inequality, and gender role expectations. It includes physical abuse, mental abuse, rape, and less-obvious forms of "violence" such as financial bullying. It is mainly and typically perpetrated by men against women and girls, but can apply to other contexts (e.g. [...]

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Healthy Social Media

The Internet has changed everything. The world is vastly different now that we can connect in ever-growing ways, across a variety of platforms and using all manner of devices. Much of this is good news and can be seen as progress – just image a Covid pandemic pre-Internet!? But perhaps it is not all [...]

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Alcohol…a great way to unwind…a social lubricant…a dinner companion…a sunset pleasure…a dangerous addictive substance…the last legal “drug” … the ruin of many a life and many a family… a spark for violent behaviours… booze, it’s all of these things, and more. It’s quite widely known that alcohol can be a very real challenge and [...]

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The Choices We Make and Mental Health

“A negative thinker gives up when confronted with difficulty, but an optimist rises to the occasion when the going gets tough.” – Norman Vincent Peale Mental Health and choice According to the World Health Organisation, Mental Health is a state of wellbeing in which an individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope [...]

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Sensible Ways of Helping Someone with Depression

Understanding that you are not responsible for offering a cure for someone’s depression is the first key to being of any value to a depressed person. Most often the things you can do to help such a person are remarkably simple and easy and can make a marked difference to how he or she [...]

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Women’s Health: THE ISSUES

Health and wellness concerns us all, of course. But there are very real issues facing women, which are often considered under the headline “women’s health”. So let us just list and briefly (very briefly) outline the main issues involved… Biology Women are different to men. The same or similar in many ways, of course, [...]

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Women and Alcohol

We all need to moderate our drinking. Alcohol is associated with liver disease, certain cancers, a range of other health problems, violence, psycho-social issues, and more. But are there actually gender-specific differences in this area? The answer is yes there are… Women are usually smaller and lighter than men, which means that any alcohol [...]

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder characterised by mood swings from mania (exaggerated feeling of energy and well-being) to depression. These mood swings tend to recur and subside spontaneously. The manic episodes may last from several days to months. The cause is unknown but hereditary (genetically acquired) and psychological factors may play a role. [...]

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A Quickie (On Men’s Health)

Men are human. Men have health issues. Men have mental health issues. And yet we still live in a world where the “big boys don’t cry” mind-set remains commonplace. Men are busy (women too, we know). Men have short attention spans. Men like to “get to the point”… So here are some key health [...]

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