Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder characterised by mood swings from mania (exaggerated feeling of energy and well-being) to depression. These mood swings tend to recur and subside spontaneously. The manic episodes may last from several days to months. The cause is unknown but hereditary (genetically acquired) and psychological factors may play a role. [...]

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A Quickie (On Men’s Health)

Men are human. Men have health issues. Men have mental health issues. And yet we still live in a world where the “big boys don’t cry” mind-set remains commonplace. Men are busy (women too, we know). Men have short attention spans. Men like to “get to the point”… So here are some key health [...]

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Stress and Burnout

1 - How can you determine the difference between ‘healthy’ stress and burnout? This is really the central, almost existential question here. Neither “stress” nor “burnout” are formal medical terms or actual diagnoses. Instead, these are popular-language terms that are often used quite loosely and varyingly. “Stress” can be described as the uncomfortable feeling [...]

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Urinary Incontinence

Here is one of society’s “taboo” topics that we really do not like to talk about. So we will keep this article mercifully brief. Urinary incontinence – the involuntary passing of urine – is common. It is thought to affect a third of adults over 60. Women are affected twice as often as men [...]

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Opiate Dependency

When we think of drug abuse, addiction, and dependency, it’s drugs like cocaine, heroine, crystal meth, alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis that usually come to mind. These, and other, substances can and do cause a lot of dependency and addiction problems, with the physical, psychological, family, social, financial, workplace, and legal consequences quite significant. But [...]

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Working From Home: Home Schooling

Change has come. The world is no longer as it was. Coronavirus, and or the responses thereto, has made sure that our lives will just not be the same again. One key change is the accelerated move to working-from-home arrangements. We are seeing almost all sectors of white-collar work (where physical labour and physical [...]

Working From Home: Eldercare

The world is changing. This has always been true (change IS a constant) but the rate of change has been ever-increasing in recent years. Clearly, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated certain changes. The full scope of all this is yet to be seen and fully understood. But we can already see that more and [...]

Seeing Things? (Hallucinations)

Seeing ghosts? Hearing voices? Feeling a dread or anxiety that is extreme and unexpected? Do you smell things others do not? Perhaps you are hallucinating... Hallucinations are sensations (seen, heard, felt, or smelled) that are not real i.e. they are not based on reality. For clarity, proper hallucinations, in this article anyway,  refer to [...]

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