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How To Eat For Better Eyesight

The saying that “mom knows best” really does apply when you’re told to eat your carrots for better eyesight but, in addition to vitamin A (or rather provitamin A like the carotenoid beta-carotene), there are various nutrients which are beneficial for healthy eyes. These nutrients include the ACE vitamins, namely vitamin A, vitamin C [...]

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Endometriosis is a complex and challenging condition where endometrial tissue (tissue lining the womb) grows in places other than the womb (usually elsewhere in the pelvis but potentially anywhere in the body), causing a range of problems. Endometriosis affects some 10% of adult women and while it usually presents in women aged 20-40 (reproductive [...]

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Covid-19 @ Mid 2021: Truths, Myths & Uncertainties

The world has changed. The world we knew is gone. The Coronavirus pandemic, and the world’s response thereto, has been a game-changer is so many ways. Most of us are battling to adjust to the new world we live in. The future seems uncertain in many ways. So it may be helpful to at [...]

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Working Women and The Glass Ceiling

The percentage of working women in senior management positions in South Africa is increasing rather slowly. The proverbial glass ceiling is still firmly in place. One wonders why? Glass ceiling? The so-called “glass ceiling” is a metaphor for the invisible and artificial barriers that block women from advancing up the corporate ladder to management [...]

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Women’s Health: THE ISSUES

Health and wellness concerns us all, of course. But there are very real issues facing women, which are often considered under the headline “women’s health”. So let us just list and briefly (very briefly) outline the main issues involved… Biology Women are different to men. The same or similar in many ways, of course, [...]

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Women and Alcohol

We all need to moderate our drinking. Alcohol is associated with liver disease, certain cancers, a range of other health problems, violence, psycho-social issues, and more. But are there actually gender-specific differences in this area? The answer is yes there are… Women are usually smaller and lighter than men, which means that any alcohol [...]

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Shoes for Sport

Injuries during sport and exercise are very commonly linked to our “biomechanics” Key to our biomechanics are our feet. Our feet are responsible for distributing the impact of every step. When you consider that up to three times body weight is placed through each foot during each step while running, it is easy to [...]

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Safer Homes for the Elderly

People live longer now than ever before. Recent times have seen a worldwide pandemic and worsening economic conditions generally. These, and other, factors, have seen something of a return to extended-family-under-one-roof living. This, in turn, has made elder-care a bigger issue than ever before. Many of us must consider how to alter our homes [...]

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