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Common Mental Health Problems

Wellbeing is a multi-dimensional consideration. Physical wellness is important and so is mental wellness (as are financial, spiritual, intellectual and environmental wellness). Let us take a quick look at some of the most common mental health conditions seen today: Anxiety – excessive nervousness and concern about the future. Anxiety disorders include generalised anxiety as [...]

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Just as we come out of the life-changing world-changing COVID-19 pandemic, along comes Monkey pox! There has been concern and even panic in some instances. There has been misinformation (When is there not?!), accusations and counter-accusations. We have seen prejudices around sexual orientation [sigh] again. So let’s just take a look at a few [...]

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The Impact of Drugs and Alcohol on your Family

People who abuse drugs or alcohol often don’t realise the impact on those around them. The family may witness the user fly into drunken rages, experience rapid weight loss, or discover that their missing loved one is living on the street or has fatally overdosed. Such shocks can cause severe family trauma. Family environment [...]

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Love Your Heart

Your heart beats for you. This hard-working muscle at the centre of your circulation system, pumps blood around your body, distributing essential oxygen and nutrients, and disposes of unwanted carbon dioxide and waste products; all to keep you alive. Under pressure High blood pressure (HBP or hypertension), often caused by poor lifestyle choices or [...]

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Rewrite History and Change your Money Destiny

4 Steps to Creating a New Money Story  Many of us have wished at some point in life that we could rewrite history. While we can’t change what happened in the past, we can certainly change how we interpret our history. This can be achieved by changing the story we tell, and by making [...]

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Do Immune Supplements Actually Work?

Health and wellness is important to us all. In today’s post-COVID-pandemic world there is a great deal of interest in boosting immunity. In today’s business world companies are eager to latch onto any trend that may help sell product. For these reasons there are hundreds of products being marketed under the claim that they [...]

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