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Review, Refine, Recommit

The calendar throws up several opportunities that are worth grabbing. Mondays are usually good days to start things. Sundays often feel like the best time to rest. The new year, and birthdays, are often times for starting new goals or projects… and as we approach year-end it may be an excellent opportunity for reflection [...]

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HIV and AIDS in South Africa

Many of us are tired of hearing messages about HIV and Aids, and yet new infections are still happening every day. Perhaps the statistics will help us take note of the seriousness of the matter again. The World Health Organisation (WHO) makes the following information known: General population: South Africa has the largest number [...]

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Substance Abuse During The Festive Season

As the holiday season approaches with its many social activities, safe and moderate consumption of alcohol or any other potentially harmful substance is highly recommended. Do not spoil your or your family’s enjoyment by irresponsible substance abuse. Studies have shown that as many as 90% adults in the RSA have had experience with alcoholic [...]

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Exercise As We Age

Regular, physical activity and exercise can drastically improve the functional abilities of older adults, especially the ability to stay mobile and thus independent. This remains true, and even more important, as one ages. We think this is especially important for anyone older than 50 and because it’s best to think-ahead, we suggest all readers [...]

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Confusion describes a state of being unsure of time, place and identity – a confused person is not sure of the time or day, where they are, and who they are. There are a great many causes for confusion but the most common are: Alcohol and drug intoxication Psychosis (a psychiatric condition characterised by [...]

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Pallor refers to a loss of the normal skin colour, such that the person looks pale. It may present suddenly or gradually. While it is easier to spot in a light skinned person, it can and does affect all people. Pallor is usually a result of reduced blood flow. Common causes include: Fainting episodes [...]

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