Stress and Burnout

1 - How can you determine the difference between ‘healthy’ stress and burnout? This is really the central, almost existential question here. Neither “stress” nor “burnout” are formal medical terms or actual diagnoses. Instead, these are popular-language terms that are often used quite loosely and varyingly. “Stress” can be described as the uncomfortable feeling [...]

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Psoriasis is a fairly common skin condition that affects about 1 in 20 people worldwide. The cause is not known but it is clear that genetics play a role (risk runs in families) and that stress or severe illness can be triggers. Some medications have been implicated in triggering attacks (anti-inflammatories and beta blockers [...]

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Death in 2020

This sounds rather more like a book or movie title than an article on health & wellness, does it not?! It just seems like a time to offer a bit of perspective and context as we continue to grapple with the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide. People do die It is an inescapable reality that dying [...]

Urinary Incontinence

Here is one of society’s “taboo” topics that we really do not like to talk about. So we will keep this article mercifully brief. Urinary incontinence – the involuntary passing of urine – is common. It is thought to affect a third of adults over 60. Women are affected twice as often as men [...]

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Opiate Dependency

When we think of drug abuse, addiction, and dependency, it’s drugs like cocaine, heroine, crystal meth, alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis that usually come to mind. These, and other, substances can and do cause a lot of dependency and addiction problems, with the physical, psychological, family, social, financial, workplace, and legal consequences quite significant. But [...]

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Working From Home: Home Schooling

Change has come. The world is no longer as it was. Coronavirus, and or the responses thereto, has made sure that our lives will just not be the same again. One key change is the accelerated move to working-from-home arrangements. We are seeing almost all sectors of white-collar work (where physical labour and physical [...]

Healthcare in a Pandemic

We live in unprecedented times. Coronavirus has changed everything – our family, social and work lives have all been turned upside down. One area that, almost ironically, requires very careful consideration is healthcare. We are not talking about the treatment of Covid-19 here, but other healthcare, non-covid healthcare. What should you be doing, or [...]

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Seasonal Flu’ in a Pandemic

Much has changed. The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world we knew upside-down in many ways. The world has seen suffering, death, isolation, lockdowns, overwhelmed failing healthcare systems, political controversies, vaccine roll-outs that go well and some that do not, and much more.  The future seems more uncertain than many of us have ever [...]

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