Confusion describes a state of being unsure of time, place and identity – a confused person is not sure of the time or day, where they are, and who they are. There are a great many causes for confusion but the most common are: Alcohol and drug intoxication Psychosis (a psychiatric condition characterised by [...]

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Pallor refers to a loss of the normal skin colour, such that the person looks pale. It may present suddenly or gradually. While it is easier to spot in a light skinned person, it can and does affect all people. Pallor is usually a result of reduced blood flow. Common causes include: Fainting episodes [...]

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Gender Based Violence

Gender based violence (GBV) refers to violence perpetrated on the basis of gender, gender inequality, and gender role expectations. It includes physical abuse, mental abuse, rape, and less-obvious forms of "violence" such as financial bullying. It is mainly and typically perpetrated by men against women and girls, but can apply to other contexts (e.g. [...]

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