Fuel for Exercise

Have you ever walked into the gym, had a look around and noticed how seemingly over-prepared some of the patrons are - sports drinks, snack and water, bars, fruit, powders, and more… Are you doing something wrong? Do they know something that you don’t? UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS Whether and how much you need to eat [...]

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Comfort eating – moods & food

Do you run for that chocolate whenever you feel the world doesn’t love you? You could be a comfort-eater. What is comfort eating, how do you know you have it and how do you make sure it doesn’t affect your healthy eating goals? What is comfort or stress or emotional eating? Comfort eating or stress eating [...]

Allergy or Intolerance [to food]?

A physical reaction to certain food is very common. You may feel bloated sometimes when you drink milk and this feeling is often thought to be a food allergy rather than a food intolerance. The symptoms can be similar but it is important to be able to differentiate between the two and not be [...]

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Carbo-loading: UPDATE

Remember carbo-loading? Carbo-loading was a popular practice for athletes in days leading up to an event. The idea of starting with a "full tank" was thought to be a good idea, especially for endurance events. But the science behind carbo-loading has evolved... In the 1960’s discoveries showed that: Glycogen (a form of carbohydrate stored in the [...]

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