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Colin was a medical practitioner (GP) from 1988 to 2000. Since then he has worked in the wellness field, designing, developing and delivering various products and services. Out of clinical practice for many years now he no longer practices medicine formally but retains a keen interest in helping people become more-well versions of themselves. He acts as a wellness coach and not as a medical practitioner today. Colin's approach and philosophy is based on empowerment: the notion that people only need a little help to make choices they usually already want to anyway - it's about respect and support rather than instruction or correction. Colin lives at the Vaal Dam with his wife Cathy. He spends time walking mountains, cycling, motorbike riding, kayaking, sailing and always looking for better & better balance.


Sport & Exercise Injuries: PREVENTION, TREATMENT, RECOVERY We all want to exercise, really, don’t we? But sometimes we get injured and we know how frustrating the rehab process can be. Here we take a look at the general approaches to avoiding, treating, and recovering from, sports injuries… STAYING injury-free There is a lot of detailed [...]

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Sport & Exercise Injuries: THE BASICS

Sport & Exercise Injuries: THE BASICS Activity and exercise are good for us - reduced heart disease, increased energy, easier weight control, and greater self-esteem are all good things. But almost two thirds of adults do not regularly exercise these days. It is a real problem. Why does this happen? There are many reasons, [...]

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Seeing Things? (Hallucinations)

Seeing ghosts? Hearing voices? Feeling a dread or anxiety that is extreme and unexpected? Do you smell things others do not? Perhaps you are hallucinating... Hallucinations are sensations (seen, heard, felt, or smelled) that are not real i.e. they are not based on reality. For clarity, proper hallucinations, in this article anyway,  refer to [...]

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Fever refers to any raised temperature, i.e. a temperature that is higher than normal. Normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius (37C) , which is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (98.6F). A fever may be considered ‘normal’ when it is caused by: Exposure to very high temperatures (e.g. hot climates) Strenuous exercise Anxiety or excitement Menstrual [...]

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Knee Troubles

The knee is a major weight-bearing joint of the lower limb. Structurally, it is a relatively complicated joint, adapted for movement, support and stability of the body. Injuries of the knee are relatively common. Predisposing factors:  A number of factors can predispose people to knee problems: Obesity: Excessive weight bearing increases the probability of [...]

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In this, the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, coughing is a pretty serious thing and it can be scary. But most coughs are not caused by coronavirus and so it’s worth knowing a bit more about the OTHER possible causes… The most common causes of coughing include (in approximate order with the most common [...]

TB (Tuberculosis)

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria mycobacterium tuberculosis, that usually attacks the lungs, but can attack almost any part of the body. Tuberculosis is spread from person to person through the air. TB is a serious world-wide problem, especially in Africa where the spread is facilitated by HIV/AIDS (which weakens [...]

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Sore Tummy? (Abdominal Pain)

Tummy-ache is perhaps one of the most common complaints we see in medical practice. Abdominal pain refers to pain, cramp, or discomfort, felt in the tummy-area / abdomen. The nature of abdominal pain varies greatly depending on the cause and the individual patient. There are very many causes for abdominal pain. The most common [...]

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A Healthy Guide to Good Nutrition

A Healthy Guide to Good Nutrition Maintaining the correct nutrition helps you to reduce the risk of a complex myriad of health-related problems, the most frightening of which are most certainly heart diseases, lung diseases, bone diseases and cancer. Proper nutrition means that you must eat many different foods, monitor your consumption of some [...]

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