Pilates Stretching Routine

A muscle should never be overstretched or pushed beyond its capacity. Always stretch muscles when your body is warm – either after a hot shower or bath or after walking or exercising. Never stretch a cold muscle. The technique of active isolated stretching (AIS) is used throughout the video. During AIS we stretch the [...]

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Exercise As We Age

Regular, physical activity and exercise can drastically improve the functional abilities of older adults, especially the ability to stay mobile and thus independent. This remains true, and even more important, as one ages. We think this is especially important for anyone older than 50 and because it’s best to think-ahead, we suggest all readers [...]

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Shoes for Sport

Injuries during sport and exercise are very commonly linked to our “biomechanics” Key to our biomechanics are our feet. Our feet are responsible for distributing the impact of every step. When you consider that up to three times body weight is placed through each foot during each step while running, it is easy to [...]

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Sport & Exercise Injuries: PREVENTION, TREATMENT, RECOVERY We all want to exercise, really, don’t we? But sometimes we get injured and we know how frustrating the rehab process can be. Here we take a look at the general approaches to avoiding, treating, and recovering from, sports injuries… STAYING injury-free There is a lot of detailed [...]

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Sport & Exercise Injuries: THE BASICS

Sport & Exercise Injuries: THE BASICS Activity and exercise are good for us - reduced heart disease, increased energy, easier weight control, and greater self-esteem are all good things. But almost two thirds of adults do not regularly exercise these days. It is a real problem. Why does this happen? There are many reasons, [...]

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Knee Troubles

The knee is a major weight-bearing joint of the lower limb. Structurally, it is a relatively complicated joint, adapted for movement, support and stability of the body. Injuries of the knee are relatively common. Predisposing factors:  A number of factors can predispose people to knee problems: Obesity: Excessive weight bearing increases the probability of [...]

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Covid-19 and Weight

Covid-19 has changed the world. Millions have died; the economic and social impacts are massive to say the least. The question of disease-severity and co-morbidities has gained a lot of attention. We all know that it is the elderly and those with certain co-morbidities that are at most risk of poor outcomes when they [...]

Cold Therapy

You may have heard of people like Wim Hof, who has become quite well known for his cold-exposure exploits, ice-water-bathing, cold-water-swimming, barefoot-marathon-running, etc. You probably know about various athletes who use post-match ice-baths to aid recovery. Could this be for you? Is there any real evidence that cold-therapy works? The term “cold therapy” is [...]

Two Simple Fitness Tests

We all know that exercise is good for us. We’d all like to be fit. In today’s world of personal trainers, smart watches, clever fitness apps, and more, it can seem a bit complicated. Sometimes “simple is best” and so here are two very simple ways to assess your fitness. Resting pulse The fitter [...]

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