Waves, Variants, Vaccines: Covid-19 in early 2021

We've been living with Coronavirus for about a year now and it's been pretty terrible if we're honest. Over 2 million deaths worldwide, lockdowns such as we have never before experienced, huge social and financial disruptions, and more. And just when we started to think (in late 2020) that the worst might be over, [...]


Bugs......a topic that can give us "the creeps". For clarity we are not talking about computer-code glitches or planet-invading aliens or even about creepy-crawlies. In this short Quite-Interesting-Science article we'll describe the four most common types of micro-organisms that infect humans and cause disease. This should help you understand what these conditions are and [...]

Covid-19 and stigma

Covid-19 (the disease caused by the new coronavirus) is brand-new pandemic sweeping the world in 2020. Everyone has been affected. Many have died. More yet, will die. The world has changed and may never be quite the same again. There is anxiety, fear, sadness, uncertainty and anger. There is also stigma... What is Covid-19 [...]

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So you want to boost your immune system?

The human body's immune system is responsible for fighting off infection and disease. It is a very complex system that involves skin, gut, blood, specialised white blood cells, antibodies, and more. Nobody wants to be sick and so we have long sought ways to strengthen our immunity. Pandemics like HIV and Covid-19 certainly highlight [...]

Coronavirus (Africa)

The coronavirus pandemic is changing our world... There is worldwide concern, severe travel bans, lock-downs, states of emergency, cancelled events, panic buying, stock exchanges in decline, fears of a major economic depression, and more. The human and economic impacts are huge, and growing.The planet is in uncharted territory. It seems that most of us [...]

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Jacky Badenhorst [a coronavirus lock-down story]

What a year we will never forget.  So my son and his wife decided that 21 March 2020 will be the day that she becomes part of the Badies family.  Little did we know that a small little prickly pear looking virus was heading our way.  Honeymoon planned tickets bought and Mauritius here they [...]

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Covid-19 or Flu or Common cold?

So you're feeling under-the-weather and you're not sure if it's a common cold, flu (influenza) or Covid-19 (coronavirus)? Well, it's not always easy to tell because these are quite-similar illnesses in many cases, especially in the early stages and in milder cases (most cases are mild, for all three conditions). But there are some [...]

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Coronavirus FAQs

The Internet is full of coronavirus content these days and we're sure you've looked at many websites, videos, etc. This page does not intend to cover every possible issue and every imaginable question, but does try to highlight some of the more important and asked-about aspects. If you would like more info please consider: [...]

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Working from home – ergonomics

For many people working-from-home is a new experience altogether. For others it might not be new, but the extent of it during coronavirus and lock-down surely is. We have written articles with general advice but here we would like to focus on a particular challenge: ergonomics. Most of us do not have dedicated offices [...]

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Working from home – with children

For many years now there has been a trend towards working from home. This has mainly been driven by advances in communication technology, the worsening in commuter-traffic, the growth in skills-based businesses, and a global drive for more flexibility in work and in life generally. Right now though, in 2020, there is a new [...]

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