Pandemic Learnings & Thinking

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world. For everyone. Probably for ever. There have been many tragic deaths, much suffering, huge anxiety, untold controversies, real confusion & uncertainty, and more. But it is not all just negative bad news. Really?! Well, yes. In these times we have surely also been able to learn some [...]

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Covid-19 @ Mid 2021: Truths, Myths & Uncertainties

The world has changed. The world we knew is gone. The Coronavirus pandemic, and the world’s response thereto, has been a game-changer is so many ways. Most of us are battling to adjust to the new world we live in. The future seems uncertain in many ways. So it may be helpful to at [...]

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COVID vaccines

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our world. This has been a hugely challenging time for all of us. Due to the basic nature of airborne viruses – they spread easily and are largely resistant to medical treatments such as antibiotics – our options are very limited. For the most part we have used public [...]

Death in 2020

This sounds rather more like a book or movie title than an article on health & wellness, does it not?! It just seems like a time to offer a bit of perspective and context as we continue to grapple with the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide. People do die It is an inescapable reality that dying [...]

Working From Home: Home Schooling

Change has come. The world is no longer as it was. Coronavirus, and or the responses thereto, has made sure that our lives will just not be the same again. One key change is the accelerated move to working-from-home arrangements. We are seeing almost all sectors of white-collar work (where physical labour and physical [...]

Healthcare in a Pandemic

We live in unprecedented times. Coronavirus has changed everything – our family, social and work lives have all been turned upside down. One area that, almost ironically, requires very careful consideration is healthcare. We are not talking about the treatment of Covid-19 here, but other healthcare, non-covid healthcare. What should you be doing, or [...]

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Seasonal Flu’ in a Pandemic

Much has changed. The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world we knew upside-down in many ways. The world has seen suffering, death, isolation, lockdowns, overwhelmed failing healthcare systems, political controversies, vaccine roll-outs that go well and some that do not, and much more.  The future seems more uncertain than many of us have ever [...]

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Working From Home: Eldercare

The world is changing. This has always been true (change IS a constant) but the rate of change has been ever-increasing in recent years. Clearly, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated certain changes. The full scope of all this is yet to be seen and fully understood. But we can already see that more and [...]


In this, the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, coughing is a pretty serious thing and it can be scary. But most coughs are not caused by coronavirus and so it’s worth knowing a bit more about the OTHER possible causes… The most common causes of coughing include (in approximate order with the most common [...]

Covid-19 and Weight

Covid-19 has changed the world. Millions have died; the economic and social impacts are massive to say the least. The question of disease-severity and co-morbidities has gained a lot of attention. We all know that it is the elderly and those with certain co-morbidities that are at most risk of poor outcomes when they [...]

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