Why is lifestyle change so hard?

We all want to be well, or more well. Perhaps it's more exercise, better sleep, less alcohol, losing weight, coping with stress more effectively, quitting smoking, or something else. But we all have that list in our heads, you know, the "I'd be really well if I could change xxxyyyzzz" list. But we have [...]

Exercise – what’s in it for me?

So what’s in it for me? A lot. An awful lot. Exercise is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Just to offer a short list of the main benefits of exercise: Energy. Active people are more energetic. They get more done in a day, more easily. Happiness. Active people feel happier [...]

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Exercise vs. Activity

Exercise vs. Activity?! Are these not the same thing? No, not quite. Exercise is strenuous or "formal" exercise that gets you sweating and out of breath (you can talk but not sing). Examples include running, very brisk walking, cycling, fast swimming, most gym exercises, weight training, aerobics classes, and most team sports. Activity is gentler [...]

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In Five: Exercise

  There are many benefits to exercise including physical, medical, psychological, and emotional matters. The human being needs to be active, it is that simple. We need strenuous exercise (150-180 minutes a week) as well as incidental gentler activity (30 minutes every day). For most of us the ideal exercise programme is about 50-70% cardio, 20-40% [...]

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