Active: At Home At Work At Play

So many of us have so many excuses for not being active. Here's a look at three specific areas where you can perhaps stop the procrastinating and get busy being active. At home Car-washing, gardening and even housework can all be active and energetic activities (think speed). You can do some sit-ups or ride [...]

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Cardio, Strength, Flexibility

You're active or you're getting active. Great! But you want to make sure you do it right and get the maximum benefit from your exercise programme. This is where you need to understand the three building blocks of a good regime. Cardio This is exercise that raises your heart rate and makes you short [...]

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Exercise – 5 Myths

Exercise burns lots of calories Exercise does burn some calories but not as many as you'd imagine. It's very hard to exercise enough to "burn-off" a cheeseburger and very few people (competitive athletes and long distance hikers come to mind) are so active that they can eat whatever they like without gaining any weight. [...]

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Size Counts – Portion Control

Many of us think we need to starve or overwork ourselves to get results, skip dessert, only eat lettuce leaves and we not allowed to enjoy our food! This is not true, and if anything, this actually makes us put on more weight than we actually lose during this crash dieting. The trick to [...]

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Salt. A mineral which is probably the most commonly used globally, and which has deep roots in the development of humankind. Not only is it used in the flavouring and preservation of food, but is also an antiseptic. In ancient times, salt was one of the world’s principal trading commodities, and interestingly in later times [...]

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