40Active living and exercise are great. We all need to be active, most of us MORE active, and for the most part we all CAN be. But let’s just pause for a moment to consider a few important things before we get active…

  • Are you over 40?
  • Have you been inactive or sedentary for  a year or more?
  • Do you have a heart condition?
  • Do you have other serious medical conditions you know of?
  • Do you have back pain or neck pain?
  • Do you have knee or hip pain when walking?
  • Do you take medication every day?
  • Does exercise worry you in any way?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you should really see your doctor before starting any exercise programme.

Even if you answered no to each question please at least think about seeing your doctor first. Please also remember to start slowly, build up very gradually, set realistic targets, and make sure you enjoy your active living (don’t make it so strenuous that you hate it).

A little common-sense goes a long way. DO get active but do so once you’re sure it’s safe.