Wellness is Busy [JULY 2017]

Wellness is becoming a part of the way things are done here at Sanlam. Here are some examples of wellness initiatives taking place around the Group:   Centurion is running a "Biggest Loser" campaign that has already seen some people lose 10kg and more. Centurion is running "Boot Camp" exercise classes at the office, twice [...]

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Couch Consequences

Unhealthy lifestyles are clearly linked to serious long-term health problems as well as significant short term wellness impairment. The answer is behaviour change but it is not happening. In the South African Financial Services sector 55% are overweight, 60% do not exercise, 20% smoke, 20% report serious stress problems…the list goes on and paints an [...]

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10 Years of FUTURELIFE®

It’s 2017 and FUTURELIFE® has now been around for a whole 10 YEARS!! A functional food that had humble beginnings and is now a common household name. It is used by a large variety of people including athletes, people living with Diabetes and by people who sawant to lose, maintain or even gain weight. It [...]

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Blood Pressure: Need to Know

High Blood Pressure is a condition where the physical pressure within your blood vessels is raised. High Blood Pressure is caused by underlying medical or hormonal problems in some cases, but is most often what is called “essential high blood pressure” meaning that the exact cause is not known. High Blood Pressure cannot be felt [...]

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Diabetes: Need to Know

Diabetes is a condition where blood sugar levels are too high. In Type 2 Diabetes, the central problem is insulin resistance: Insulin is responsible for moving sugar out of the bloodstream and into cells. Certain genetic inherited traits combined with, most importantly, being overweight, cause cells to resist the effects of insulin. This leaves too [...]

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Cholesterol: Need to Know

High Cholesterol is a condition where your blood contains too much cholesterol. Cholesterol is a fat or lipid that is ONLY found in animal-based foods. High Cholesterol can be caused by genetics (inherited), lifestyle (overweight, obesity, poor diet), or medical conditions like diabetes and thyroid disease. The most common cause is lifestyle. High Cholesterol causes [...]

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Does Stress Do Any Harm?

Does stress do me any harm? Yes. But not always. Let’s explain: stress can be seen as “normal” and even healthy is some situations. Some stress & nerves ahead of a job interview, for example, can keep us alert and on our toes, which is a good thing. Stress can stimulate and even drive [...]

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So What IS Stress?

So, what is stress? Well, the definition is that stress is your response to demands and challenges. This response may be physical or psychological and is nearly always a combination of both. The subtle but crucial thing here is that stress is something we experience due to our own response to things. Stress comes [...]

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