web sliders4To Gym or not to Gym? Some of us see this as THE question. But this is not Shakespeare and it is not really THE question at all. It’s true that the modern gym is a great place to train. The equipment is excellent, there are many choices, there are experts on hand to help, and the monthly subscription can even be a powerful motivator to get there! But it’s not for everyone. It can be costly, sometimes inconvenient (we do not all have a gym just round the corner), and even off-putting or threatening (all that complicated gear, all those fit young people). So while we’re happy if gym works for you, what are the options if it does not?

  • Home. With some very simple equipment and a bit of imagination you can do a very full workout right at home. Here are some very simple ideas:
    • A treadmill or exercise bike. These are great for cardio work. They can be quite small, often fold-away, and you can get second-hand ones very cheaply.
    • Dumbbells. A simple and small set of weights can be used to create a complete strength training workout.
    • A mat. Just somewhere to stretch and to do things like push-ups & sit-ups. A carpet might be fine.
    • A band. Resistance bands are very useful and give you another option for strength as well as some flexibility training.
    • A ball. A stretching ball is a great way to add variety into your workouts and to do both flexibility and core muscle exercise.
  • The Street. Walking is a great activity. Very brisk walking and running and cycling are excellent forms of strenuous exercise. Depending on personal safety and convenience, you can get out on the street to great effect.
  • Nature. It’s surprising how much “green space” surrounds nearly all of us, even in cities. Some hiking or cycling are great options that are good for the physique and the psyche.
  • Sports. Remember those days at school with the football or hockey team. Well, there are many clubs that offer these same sports, for all age groups. Give it a try!

We’re sure you can think of a few MORE good options. The point is that exercise is NOT just about gym membership.