The coronavirus pandemic is changing our world... There is worldwide concern, severe travel bans, lock-downs, states of emergency, cancelled events, panic buying, stock exchanges in decline, fears of a major economic depression, and more. The human and economic impacts are huge, and growing. The planet is in uncharted territory. It seems that most of us [...]

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Exercise: some surprising benefits

Most of us know that exercise helps with fitness, strength, energy, weight-control, health, future health (=health risk), etc. The evidence behind all of these benefits is overwhelming and the benefits are really not in doubt. You knew that didn't you? OK, but let's think about a few less-obvious but very-real benefits associated with exercise and [...]

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Healthy eating on a budget

Healthy eating is expensive. We've all heard that, and many of us believe it to be true. And it can be (true). But it is not always true and there are ways to compromise. It’s a common misconception that healthy eating needs to make a dent in the pocket. This is an important consideration [...]

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