Smoking – It’s Not Just About You

You know how smoking damages your health. You may be less sure about how much it can affect those around you. Here are some sobering facts: Passive smoking is now considered to be the third most common preventable cause of death in the USA. Cancer. Passive smoking increases the risk of developing some 12+ [...]

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Effects of Smoking – Benefits of Quitting

The damageSmoking is an extremely dangerous and damaging addiction. We’re sure you know quite a bit about this but it seems worthwhile to emphasise some of the facts:Smoking causes:StrokeHeart attacks (2-3 times more likely in smokers vs. non-smokers)Deep vein thrombosis (DVT, clots in the legs)Erectile dysfunction (impotence)Cancers – lung cancer, laryngeal (voice box) cancer, pharyngeal [...]

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Back surgery, surely not!?

Back surgery is quite controversial and the key question is when to operate... These are generally seen as good reasons for back surgery: Compressed nerves - when the nerves to the leg are squeezed/pinched/compressed, permanent damage can result, causing weakness and even paralysis, as well as incontinence. Surgery can relieve the pressure and save the [...]

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Ignorance and Choice (and Sex)

Ignorance Nobody is born knowing how to have sex. At least not how to have sex well (enjoyably and safely). This is important - just think about it for a moment. It means that sex education is essential and the truth is that few parents handle this well - most teenagers learn about sex [...]

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STIs are Serious

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are very serious. There are several sexually transmitted infections, with these being the most important and common: HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus is spread through vaginal sex, anal sex, , from mother to child during labour, via breast milk and via blood. It causes a weakened immune system and leads to [...]

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Sex Myths

Here are some important myths and "untruths" about sex: Men are expert lovers Women are expert lovers Your partner is always as excited as you are Carrying condoms makes you a slut Simultaneous orgasm is the norm Only men masturbate Oral sex is dirty Sex is never messy Sex is only for bedrooms Sex stops [...]

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Back Pain: Need to Know

Everyone gets back pain. Well, almost everyone: some 90% of people experience back pain at some stage in their lives, and half of working-age adults have some back pain in any given year. That is a lot of back pain! (For clarity we are discussing lower back pain or lumbago.) What causes back pain? This [...]

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