Back pain is a very common complaint that affects 90% of us at least once (often more often) in our lives. There are ways to avoid or at least reduce the risk of developing low back pain…

Look after your back

Here are some simple but proven & effective things you can do to avoid back pain:

  • Stay slim: being overweight puts real strain on your lower spine and causes a lot of back pain problems.
  • Be Active: an active lifestyle maintains muscle tone and strength and this really helps to support a healthy spine.
  • Sit up straight: good upright posture, especially when sitting at a desk, helps to avoid back pain. It  really is as simple as sitting up straight, for most of us.
  • Stand up: there is clear evidence that prolonged sitting can cause back pain. Try to stand whenever you can and be sure to take short mini-breaks (every 30 minutes ideally, at least every hour) from the desk or TV couch.

Lifting – poor lifting technique is a major cause of lower back pain. In simple terms it is essential that you lift with your legs bent and your back straight rather than bending over and doing the lifting with your back. It’s also important to be realistic and to simply avoid lifting very heavy things – countless back injuries result from travellers who fail to pack light and then attempt to lift 20kg + suitcases!

Back pain is a common complaint but a lot of it can be avoided through some fairly simple and common-sense approaches as described here.