Decisions Decisions

Making decisions can be hard. The best choice is not always clear. So we delay. Or pause. Or consider. Or reconsider. Or procrastinate. In so many areas of our lives. So often. Does this sound familiar? Is it a problem? What has it got to do with wellness? Uncertainty is the enemy When it comes to stress [...]

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The arithmetic of weight control

Weight loss is hard. Very hard even. One thing that does not help is ignoring basic and inescapable truths. This is head-in-the-sand denial and it is very counter-productive. A good example is the arithmetic of weight control. In vs. Out People gain weight when they take in more energy (more calories) than they use or [...]

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Mindfulness is perhaps THE word in wellness right now. Everywhere you look/read/go people are talking about it. There are courses, coaches, books, videos and more. What's it all about? The now, only the now Mindfulness is about being focussed on the present (rather than the past or the future). Meditation and similar techniques can be [...]

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Is cannabis really that bad?

This debate has raged for decades now. Traditional or conservative advice is that cannabis is a dangerous illicit drug that causes impaired judgment, cognitive decline, lung disease, cancer risk, schizophrenia, antisocial behaviour, and more. Cannabis is often seen as a 'gateway drug' that may introduce people to harder drugs such as heroine and cocaine. But [...]

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My secret wellness weapon

My favourite wellness tip: use your diary I am a doctor and a wellness coach. I have made my living designing and delivering health & wellness services of one type or another. For 25 years now. I know what is healthy and what is not. I am, in all seriousness, something of an expert. And yet my [...]

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