Office Wellness

We all want to be well, or at least more-well. We all work (well, most of us work). We all work at an office (well, mostly anyway). And here we find challenges: unhealthy food options, sitting, stress, no fresh air, no sunlight, and more. Work life, especially office-based work life, is often seen as [...]

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How much water?

Drink more's advice you often hear. Why? How much? What's the story here, really? Let's keep this simple... Our bodies need water. Many of us (=most of us) do not drink enough. The result is slight dehydration, which may cause headache, dry skin, low energy, constipation, appetite changes, kidney problems, and more. Drinking [...]

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Antibiotics: Need to Know

What's the story about antibiotics? These powerful and important medications are quite controversial and often misunderstood so let's just clear up a few basics... Antibiotics have been around for about 100 years. Penicillin was the first type of antibiotic used but there are now several types of antibiotics and probably hundreds of brands. Antibiotics [...]

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Heartburn: Need to Know

Heartburn, indigestion, or Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD) is a very common condition that many people will experience at some stage - about half the population will have heartburn at some stage in their lives. Heartburn causes upper abdominal and chest burning pain, which may be associated with swallowing difficulty. It often occurs after [...]

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