Choose a habit, any habit…

Wellness comes down to lifestyle. Healthy lifestyles build and sustain wellness, and well people live better (with more energy, enthusiasm, productivity, happiness). It's a cycle and it's a circle. So how do we build and sustain a healthy lifestyle? Books and books have been written, an endless stream of online videos can be watched, [...]

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Coronavirus (Africa)

The coronavirus pandemic is changing our world... There is worldwide concern, severe travel bans, lock-downs, states of emergency, cancelled events, panic buying, stock exchanges in decline, fears of a major economic depression, and more. The human and economic impacts are huge, and growing.The planet is in uncharted territory. It seems that most of us [...]

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Jacky Badenhorst [a coronavirus lock-down story]

What a year we will never forget.  So my son and his wife decided that 21 March 2020 will be the day that she becomes part of the Badies family.  Little did we know that a small little prickly pear looking virus was heading our way.  Honeymoon planned tickets bought and Mauritius here they [...]

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Covid-19 or Flu or Common cold?

So you're feeling under-the-weather and you're not sure if it's a common cold, flu (influenza) or Covid-19 (coronavirus)? Well, it's not always easy to tell because these are quite-similar illnesses in many cases, especially in the early stages and in milder cases (most cases are mild, for all three conditions). But there are some [...]

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