Be Active RIGHT NOW (Sanlam Health Bryanston November 2016)

Be Active RIGHT NOW (and win) We all want to be more well. We all know that being active is an important part of being well. And yet........ [insert your own story].... Well, here is a great opportunity to do what you know you want to do: Sanlam Health is running a pre-holiday [...]

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Be Active @ Alice Lane NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2016

Pre-Holiday Wellness: Be Active NOW We all want to be more well and what better time than right now? Here at Alice Lane we’re running a short 4-week campaign to help you with getting active and getting well. There will be one-on-one consultations with biokineticists and dieticians for personal advice, as well as a range [...]

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Fat Facts – AN UPDATE

No nutrition topic has been as controversial or as hotly debated as the one on fat and whether we should be consuming more or less of this nutrient. For many years we have been told to consume less fat in order to lose/maintain weight as well as to prevent chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease [...]

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