55vSo many of us have so many excuses for not being active. Here’s a look at three specific areas where you can perhaps stop the procrastinating and get busy being active.

At home

Car-washing, gardening and even housework can all be active and energetic activities (think speed). You can do some sit-ups or ride your exercise bike while watching TV. An early morning walk round the neighbourhood is a great start to the day and how about a sunset stroll too? Ditch the car, ride your bike. Seek out distant rather than close parking bays.

At work

Here it can sometimes be a bit tricky but there are still active opportunities. Use the stairs not the lift. Email less, and walk to your colleagues for a chat. Try stand-up meetings. How hard would it be to walk to your lunch venue? Always choose hotels with gyms. Try taking walking shoes or a skipping rope on your next business trip. Use your diary for exercise appointments, and stick to those appointments!

At Play

Exercise is fun, or it can be. Plan family hikes or bike rides. Make walking part of your sight-seeing schedule. Beaches are not just for lying on: try walking, running, playing with bats and balls, etc. Invite friends for active-times (walks, rides, tennis, lawn bowls, etc.) and not just the usual eat-too-much-drink-too-much social sessions.

You need to be active. You want to be active. You can be active. Almost anywhere and almost everywhere.