39This simple but powerful habit can make a real difference.

The idea is to find at least two 10-minute slots in your day where you deliberately pause everything and relax. You’ll want a quiet space away from distractions, noise, etc. Then you really just want to sit or lie quietly, letting your mind go where it will but without focussing on any specific thing. Closing your eyes  and focussing on simple slow breathing can help.

Sound like meditation? Well it is a simple form of meditation but you do not need orange robes and incense to make this work for you!

Power nap? Similar idea but in this case we do not suggest falling asleep (to make it more practical and do-able at work and almost any time during any day) 

Doing this twice a day can really help you to slow down, refocus and feel more calm and in-control. You can choose when and where each day to suit your own schedule. More than twice a day can work too, but we’d suggest twice a day as a start. Developing this as a daily habit is a secret many successful people use – the details and techniques vary but the core idea is the same.

Who would not benefit from a little less rush and a little more calm?