52vThis has been a nutritional recommendation for many years now and most people have heard of it. The truth though, is that less than half of us actually manage it on a regular basis.

For clarity: the recommendation is to eat 5 fruit and veg servings (1-2 fruit, and 3-4 veg) each day, where a serving or portion  is considered a handful-size (e.g. one apple, a portion of steamed vegetables, 6 or so strawberries, etc.).

It is important not to have too much fruit because fruit is high in sugar so the usual limit is two portions a day (sometimes less for diabetics). Fresh, uncooked, or very lightly-cooked vegetables are best, with frozen the next best, canned and other forms of preserving are “ok” but not ideal.

A good approach is to look for colour: the more colours you eat the more variety of healthy vitamins, minerals, and other goodies (antioxidants and the like), you will get. Try to eat as many colours as possible.

The benefits of eating more fruit and veg include stronger immunity, improved bowel function (you’ll be more regular), reduced risk of certain cancers and heart disease, better blood sugar and weight control, and more.

Five fruit & veg a day: STILL one of the cornerstones to healthy living.