Feeling Scattered? The hybrid, or blended working models are a reality for many of us as we must WFH and work from the office on alternating days.

On the one hand, hybrid working may offer us the best of both worlds. But on the other hand, the constant back-and-forth between home and office may leave us feeling we have to constantly switch things up and frustrated about disrupted routines.

Here are some ideas to bring about a sense of groundedness in a time of fluid, ever-changing work arrangements:

  1. Organise your home life | If your family’s schedule and home set up are organised and planned, you can relax and focus your attention on your work. Spread the duty load with loved ones and create rosters that include cleaning and meal preparation, so you don’t arrive home to chaos. Set out clothes and try to prepare the school and work lunches the night before.
  2. Create routine where you can | The new ways of work may involve plenty of unpredictable curveballs that could throw you off balance. Try to counteract the unknown by controlling what you can, by implementing structure and routine in your life, where-ever possible. A predictable, consistent routine can help you cope with feelings of stress and uncertainty.
  3. Use travel time wisely |Not having to travel to the office was great, so now use the time it takes to get to work wisely. Avoid the news, traffic reports, and adverts which are stressful. Rather sign up for podcasts, enjoy relaxing music, or set a positive intention for the day in silence. And when you travel back home later, use travel time to unwind and switch off from work before you see your family.
  4. Visualise success | Things have probably changed at the workplace, including protocols, so preparing yourself mentally will help.  Imagine your day going well and being productive and calm. Visualization is powerful in coping with anxiety. Take visualisation to the next level by compiling a collage of images of your dreams and wishes of a more wise, calm, and happy you, on a ‘vision board’.
  5. Practise Mindfulness as grounding strategy | Mindfulness is to “stay in the moment” – whether it’s at home with your loved ones, or at work with your colleagues. If you focus on being in the here and now, with whomever you are, you will be better positioned to decompress from your stress and feel less anxious and worried about the future.

Still struggling? Please reach out for help – we are here for you! Call Afrocentric 0800 204 555 to speak to a qualified counsellor.

Written by LifeAssist