Feel like you’ve used up all your energy trying to cope with stressful demands, conflict, or a lack of support? Your patience is wearing thin and you’re frustrated, even with family or friends. Be aware! Your emotional energy reserves are low and you need to refuel your tank.

Take Stock

The first step in refuelling is to identify the circumstances (e.g., situations, tasks, relationships) that deplete you. What can you avoid or change? Or what should you accept? Acceptance of situations you cannot change reduces some of the stress. Focus on what you can change i.e. when your colleague drains you with doomsday discussions or complaints, immediately switch the conversation to something that is going well.


Imagine stepping outside your situation and looking at the bigger picture. Visualize yourself as a star looking down from the galaxy at your current circumstances. Realise that anyone in your situation may feel anxious; perhaps others are going through the same experience. Reminding yourself that you’re not alone and viewing your situation from another perspective, can help to calm you and refuel your empty tank.

Do the things you love

…like hiking, connecting with friends, or hobbies such as painting or gardening. This promotes relaxation, and helps you detach from struggles. You may feel too emotionally exhausted for exercise, social interaction, or hobbies. Allow yourself to rest first, but then just do it. You’ll be so pleased you did.


Being fully present in each moment, focusing on your breathing, counting your blessings, smelling the roses or watch the sun set, are excellent for refuelling when you’re running on empty. Research shows that people who practice mindfulness have lower levels of emotional exhaustion.


Another way to refuel is to create joy. Watch a favourite comedy clip, the one that makes you belly laugh every time.  Or start the 80s dance music and get everyone in the house to boogie for 15 minutes. Laughing and being silly together helps to release the day’s stresses, and jumpstarts your energy.

If you’re feeling like you’re running on empty and overwhelmed, please call LifeAssist and let us support you.

Written by LifeAssist