Everyone knows that a bad hair day does not contribute to your wellbeing! In contrast, when your hair looks shiny and healthy, you usually feel well and positive.

Following a healthy lifestyle, will benefit your hair too, but excessive stress, smoking, not exercising, lack of sleep and not eating nutritiously will show in your hair!

Good basic hair care will go a long way to enhance your hair:

Shampooing and conditioning

  • Wash your hair two to three times a week, or every day if you have oily hair
  • Use a shampoo that matches your hair type, and use warm (not hot) water
  • Rinse hair thoroughly to remove residue
  • Use a conditioner after washing to moisturise, give shine, reduce static and untangle your hair
  • Be gentle with your hair while washing and conditioning as hair is most likely to break and split when wet.

Combing and brushing

Wash brushes and combs weekly with shampoo or soap. To prevent damage to your hair:

  • Use soft and flexible brushes and combs with widely spaced teeth and smooth tips
  • Begin by combing hair gently at the ends to remove tangles and then work your way up gradually to the basis of the hair
  • Wait until hair is almost completely dry before brushing it with downward strokes.


  • Pat hair dry with a towel. Preferably let hair dry naturally
  • Gently untangle knots with your fingers while the hair is drying
  • If using a hair dryer, use the cool setting, and hold the dryer about 30 cm from the hair as the hot air can damage the hair.

Hair products

  • Don’t use products that contain alcohol as they will dry out your hair
  • Put the product on your hair and not the scalp as it will clog the pores on your head.

Hair accessories

  • To prevent hair damage, use coated rubber bands or soft hair ties to secure ponytails and the ends of braids.


Written by LifeAssist