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Metabolic Syndrome NEED TO KNOW

Here is a term you have probably heard of already. It has been in the news (health news) for many years now and it is certainly a key health risk concept. But do we all understand it? Before we get into this let us say that the science here is quite complex, still evolving (experts learn more all the time), and a bit controversial (carbs, banting, fat shaming, etc.) in some areas. So, what we are going to do here is outline a simple mainstream approach that favours simplicity and “big picture” learnings over exhaustive or excessive detail. By [...]

Intermittent fasting

Could THIS be the answer? You may have heard of intermittent fasting (IF) in recent years and perhaps you're wondering if this might be for you? Let's take a look at some facts... Intermittent fasting is what it says it is. It is an approach to weight loss based on the idea of fasting (eating nothing) on a regular repeating basis. It's not the same as the sort of religious and or cultural fasting that is familiar in Jewish, Muslim, and certain other cultures/religions (these religious fasts typically occur over several weeks once a year). IF has emerged over [...]

Why is lifestyle change so hard?

We all want to be well, or more well. Perhaps it's more exercise, better sleep, less alcohol, losing weight, coping with stress more effectively, quitting smoking, or something else. But we all have that list in our heads, you know, the "I'd be really well if I could change xxxyyyzzz" list. But we have usually had the same list in our minds for quite some time, and have struggled to actually make the changes. Often we don't get to the start-line on our change journey or perhaps we've made starts, and maybe it's gone well for a while, but [...]

Nutrition 101

We all want to be more well, or more well. "What we eat, we are" (as Yoda might say) is a truth for us all and almost everyone wants to eat well. For many it's about weight loss, for some fitness, for some specific medical conditions. But for everyone, general health & wellness is linked to nutrition. This website and this wellness programme is full of advice on healthy nutrition, and the broader Internet has millions of content-pieces on the subject - so you can get decent information. This article is simply a short summary on BASIC nutrition that [...]

How often to eat?

This is a question we are often asked. A review of research will throw up some conflicting and potentially confusing results (and beware of all the fads and crash diets and general "nonsense" out there). So let's try to present a balanced view... Most experts have long recommended these guidelines: Eat three main meals a day. Have three small snacks between meals. Do not skip breakfast and try to eat breakfast within 2 hours of waking. Understand your calorie target for the day and stick within that (no matter how often you eat). ....and the bottom line here, is [...]

Weight loss: online resources (links & apps)

Weight loss is important for many of us (truth be told, more than half us want or need to lose weight). Most of us actually know, more or less, how to lose weight - we know to eat less, exercise more, avoid junk & fast food, eat veggies, drink water, etc. - but we often need a bit more detail and we often want clear practical advice from sources we can trust. We live in the "Age of Google" so a bit of online research is really quite easy today. We strongly encourage this and there is no doubt [...]

Calorie counting

The arithmetic of weight control has long been understood: we gain weight when we consume more energy (calories) than we burn off (through living, breathing, moving, etc.). We maintain weight when the input and output are equal. We lose weight when we burn off more than we consume. This is simple enough and in today's world of smart-phones, smart-devices, smart-people, smart-cars, smart...well, you get the is a bit "old school" and it is not very fashionable. But it is the cornerstone of weight control because this simple arithmetic cannot be avoided and must be embraced if we are [...]

No diets. No meal plans.

Weight loss is a challenge for many of us. Between 50% and 70% of adults are actually medically-overweight today. The impact on wellness, health, health risk, and quality of life is extremely serious. So, and excuse the pun, it's a big problem and one we are asked about all the time. Many people who want to lose weight ask us for diets and or meal plans - we reply with a gentle "sorry, no". Why? Well it's not that we don't want to help. In fact it is the opposite. We are convinced that diets and meal plans are [...]

Comfort eating – moods & food

Do you run for that chocolate whenever you feel the world doesn’t love you? You could be a comfort-eater. What is comfort eating, how do you know you have it and how do you make sure it doesn’t affect your healthy eating goals? What is comfort or stress or emotional eating? Comfort eating or stress eating or emotional eating is when you eat food to feel better about an emotion. You are not necessarily physically hungry but the food makes the situation feel better. These emotions can include being stressed, feeling upset, angry, lonely, exhausted, or bored. So, why is this [...]

Losing Belly Fat

Weight loss is a challenge for many of us. Between 50% and 70% of adults are actually medically-overweight today. One of the most common worries is that stubborn tummy. A bit of padding around the body often worries us less than the flabby belly we carry around. It's right out in front, quite literally. It hangs over our new jeans, it spoils our silhouette, it looks awful in the mirror, and in general it is often "the enemy". The weight industry is full of advice on this very subject. Advice. And products. There are special exercise regimes, electronic muscle [...]

The arithmetic of weight control

Weight loss is hard. Very hard even. One thing that does not help is ignoring basic and inescapable truths. This is head-in-the-sand denial and it is very counter-productive. A good example is the arithmetic of weight control. In vs. Out People gain weight when they take in more energy (more calories) than they use or burn up. Eat lots, move little, gain weight. When we use more calories than we consume, we lose weight. Eat less, move more, lose weight. This rather old-fashioned view of weight control seems to have been forgotten by many of us. A lot of diet-plans [...]

Weight Loss Fails (what not to do)

Here are 5 ways to fail at weight loss: Losing too fast. Remember that slow weight loss is sustainable weight loss so you should really never lose any more than 1/2 to 1 kg a week. The slower you lose the better really so please resist the temptation to try lose too much too soon. Believing in magic. There are no "magic secrets" or "fail-safe diets". No matter who says so. It really comes down to things like sensible healthy eating, eating a bit less overall, portion control, avoiding junk food, and being active. You know all that already though, don't [...]

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