Weight loss is important for many of us (truth be told, more than half us want or need to lose weight). Most of us actually know, more or less, how to lose weight – we know to eat less, exercise more, avoid junk & fast food, eat veggies, drink water, etc. – but we often need a bit more detail and we often want clear practical advice from sources we can trust. We live in the “Age of Google” so a bit of online research is really quite easy today. We strongly encourage this and there is no doubt that a bit of self-learning is hugely empowering and very helpful. But we do think we can help you avoid the “nonsense” out there (and there is a lot of online “nonsense”) by suggesting some links from reliable trust-worthy sources. There are also some valuable apps that we suggest you look into.


…each of these is quality source so please browse around the sites.


Apps can be very handy. You always have your phone with you so an app on your phone can really help with reminders, food ingredients in detail, calorie-tracking, healthy-options, and more. Just go to your app store and look for these, as a start:

  • Lose it!
  • MyFitnessPal
  • My Diet Coach
  • FatSecret

NOTE: These resources do appear to be sound and they appear to be based on mainstream science so we think they’re OK, but we are not actively endorsing or approving them. Please use your own judgement and seek professional advice if you are unsure.