Weight loss is a challenge for many of us. Between 50% and 70% of adults are actually medically-overweight today. One of the most common worries is that stubborn tummy. A bit of padding around the body often worries us less than the flabby belly we carry around. It’s right out in front, quite literally. It hangs over our new jeans, it spoils our silhouette, it looks awful in the mirror, and in general it is often “the enemy”.

The weight industry is full of advice on this very subject. Advice. And products. There are special exercise regimes, electronic muscle stimulators, gels, creams, potions, supplements, and more. Many of us have tried some of these, usually with limited or no success.

There are some key truths here that we need to understand here:

  • Healthy-weight slim people do not have belly-fat problems.
  • Belly-fat is PART of our overall overweight problem. Not an isolated issue on its own.
  • We cannot lose belly fat without losing weight overall.
  • If we exercise and tone our tummy muscles without losing weight we will just create a “six pack abdomen” that is hidden behind the belly fat.

This may not be the news we want to hear but it is the truth.

To lose belly fat we need to lose weight. Overall body weight. There is really no practical way to lose just-the-tummy weight.