Men are human. Men have health issues. Men have mental health issues. And yet we still live in a world where the “big boys don’t cry” mind-set remains commonplace. Men are busy (women too, we know). Men have short attention spans. Men like to “get to the point”…

So here are some key health issues and facts, described simply, quickly and “on the point”. For men (and anyone concerned about men)…

Heart health. Also known as cardiovascular health. Men are most likely to die from heart disease or stroke. Cardiovascular health is key. Stay fit, stay slim, do not smoke, check your blood pressure and cholesterol and blood sugar (and treat them if necessary).

Alcohol. Men are more likely to drink heavily and to binge drink, than women are. Drunk driving, risk-taking, and violence, are all real alcohol-linked concerns for men today. Men should not drink more than 21 units of alcohol per week, and not more than 3 or 4 units on a given day. Twenty-one.

Depression. Men get depressed. At any one time it is thought that between 5 and 10% of men exhibit symptoms of clinical depression. Depression can lead to much suffering and to suicide. The manly thing to do when you feel “low” is to seek help.

Injuries. Men take risks. Men get hurt. Sometimes this is just life and cannot be avoided. But sometimes it is excessive or unwise “machismo” so please, just think about it.

Skin cancer. Men go out in the sun. Skin cancer comes from excessive sun exposure. Men should use sunblock, cover up, and have a full-body skin check (look for new moles or changes in older moles) at least once a year.

It may be a bit of a cliché, and it may seem/be a bit dated, but the idea that men are “strong and indestructible” seems to persist still, in an unbalanced negative way. There is nothing wrong with a bit of “manliness” of course, and we are not advocating a gender-less or bland society