Wellness. Magic moments. Transient opportunities. These are the core ideas here…

We all want to be well, or more well. Many of us truly NEED to be more well, even. But it’s hard to make the lifestyle changes we know we want and or need to make. Isn’t it? This is so often the “wellness dilemma”: we know what to do, we want to do it, but we just don’t do it. Now, there is much to be said about this and indeed, the field of behavioural psychology looks at just this (and more). So we do recommend further reading around developing healthy habits, making positive behaviour change, etc. – wellness really IS a behavioural and psychological challenge much more than it is a question of the lack of actual know-how (knowledge and facts). But for now let us look at one “simple” approach that may be worth trying.

Some moments are special. There is a certain energy to  a Monday morning, a new month, a new year, a birthday or major anniversary. Spring has a certain “start anew” energy to it does it not? It matters-not whether this is “real” or just a creation of our society because what counts is just that it feels different. We can use this energy to kick-start various plans for career change, learning, relationship building, etc. We can use this energy to get well, or more well. It may be a bit of a “cheat” and arguably the primary and internal and inherent motivations of health, wellbeing, health risk, energy, should be enough. But we live in the real world don’t we, so any help is welcome!

So you’re looking to “Spring” into wellness this year? Great. We suggest you look at these areas first:

  • Exercise and activity is key. For all dimensions of wellness (medical, physical, social, mental, productivity, emotional, spiritual). You want 150+ minutes of actual sweaty exercise each week. You want 30+ minutes of movement (not sweaty out of breath stuff, just moderate activity like walking) every day. Start slowly. Build gradually. But start.
  • Eat right. You know what this means. You know your weaknesses. You want to eat better. You know that probably means less overall, more fresh foods, less “junk”, less salt, less oil, etc. You have the know-how (or enough know-how at least). You can.
  • We all need 7-8 hours a night. All of us. You included. Do not kid yourself here (too many still do lie to themselves on this one).
  • See your doctor. Not because you are sick. But for a check-up and overall wellness review. Perhaps a few blood tests or even x-rays (all this varies person to person but the key first step is almost always a chat and a general check-up).

Spring 2021 is a challenging time for us all. The planet is trying to come to terms with a “living with Covid” reality. Much has changed. Much is changing. Much will change. What has not changed is the value of building and maintaining your wellbeing. Wellbeing = resilience = coping ability = thriving in difficult times. Only you can do it. This spring may be the time to recommit yourself, to yourself.