As an Enterprise Business Consultant, I work all over the Western Cape and spend a lot of my time on the road to see clients. This makes healthy eating difficult and therefore knowing where each town’s drive-through is, became important! This was my lifestyle, together with being very sociable, contributed to me being 45kg overweight and having no energy for any exercise or even joining my family when they exercised. Together with just not being happy with myself and the state I was in as food became my go to, my comfort. When I was feeling down or frustrated, I would revert to having coffee and cake with a friend, or stopping by and buying something nice to eat or drink. A fix that lasted that moment while you where enjoying it, however forever on the hips!

After a catch up cup of coffee with a very dear colleague and seeing her weight loss results after her second baby, it just hit home, it starts with me,  I need to take responsibility for myself… a drastic change needs to happen.

That evening I had questions about her eating plan and we messaged one another. She was encouraging from the word go and I was convinced I need to do something with immediate effect, no delay, no next week or no Monday, but immediately. I needed to change my lifestyle in terms of food choices, exercise and overall well being. I committed to myself on paper short term goals, how I was to get to them and by when. I made a copy for my colleague to keep me accountable in terms of reaching these milestones and Sunday 20 Aug 2018 I started my journey.

Thinking back, it was tough, the first week nearly had me crazy. I was in bed each night just after 8, to keep myself from attacking the kitchen cupboards, filling up my sugar cravings with some of the kids lunch snacks. Having to give up bread, sugar, pasta, potatoes, chips and chocolates which I was used to daily, was tough. The first 2 weeks I tried on my own with my daily scale update to my colleague. There was some movement, however I decided to also check in with my Dr and weigh in weekly with him too. We did some bloodtests and this resulted in confirmation of me being insulin resistant, thus impacting on the speed at which I would have lost weight. I was given medication which aided the weight loss and increased my commitment significantly.

Veggies and salad together with healthy protein and cereal each morning became my best friends. All the food types I never had an appetite for before.  After the first 10kg loss, my hubby and I started walking 2 km each night. This stretched to 3 and I am now doing 5 to 6k’s. As from Jan 2019, I joined up with bootcamp classes on a trampoline twice a week. I can now not do without daily exercise. My daughter and I either go for a brisk walk or I go for my trampoline class each day. Even when on holiday!

My goal was to loose 31 kg by my birthday 31 March 2019. I made it to 30kg! I am busy with my last 15 kg’s which I hope to have off by end June. As this has become a lifestyle maintaining after the last 15 is off, will continue as is. I do allow for a small treat over a weekend, but then have to work in some kind of serious activity over the weekend as well to counter the treat. All about the balance.

I have gained soooo much during this time – self confidence, happy in my own body, healthy mind, body and soul, an inspiration to sooo many, how many people want to hear how did you do it – how can you help me??

This is the new ME – if I can do it, so can you! Don’t delay, start today.