On 11 February 2019 I shared my story on Facebook because this was the exact day that my transformation route started 2 years back, on 11 Febuary 2017 and 20kg heavier, that I joined Forever Strong Fitness Training & almost died that day.  The trainer decided it was burpees only training…..for someone who did not know what a burpee was before that day.  Because Gym’s are not for me this lasted only a month and I started looking for alternative exercise methods, which includes from that time till now:

  • Monday Zumba Classes (just love dancing) @ Oakdale Club with couch Fransonette Slabbert  who is amazing
  • Tuesday and Thursday boot camp classes at the Doordekraal dam (in the open feeling nature) with couch Morne Barnard (Herbal Life Fabfit)
  • Dedication  to get my ass out of bed on a Saturday and Sunday morning for a 6km walk / run or attending an organised event (just love trail runs on farms)
  • Addiction to my new active lifestyle, doing the things I love
  • AND last but not the least…..the motivation from my hubby Ralf Hoeflich