My name is Debbie van Zyl and I work in GTI.  I have not struggled with my weight in High school (I actually asked my parents to get me something to gain weight  –  which never happened).

I only started to gaining weight after my son was born and I started to eat anything that I wanted and as much as I wanted and almost stopped exercising completely (I was very sporty up until this point).

I started to follow a diet with Herbalife, which helped up to a point, but it was not something I was willing to do for the rest of my life, so my weight fluctuated a lot and I could not keep it down… up to a point where it was totally out of control.

I fell in the a light depression with some health issues I was also going through.  I knew that whenever I was overweight I always felt negative and not in the mood for any exercise at all.  It was just too much effort.  First you cannot get yourself to the gym… and when you do get your butt there, you feel like you are going to die within the first 4 minutes!

At the beginning of this year I was at my heaviest (84.9).  I went for a massage as I felt I needed it  –  just to relax and get my mind relaxed.

Never did I know with what I would walk out there with!

The guy that massaged me is gay.  I found it so easy to chat with him and we talked about weight and exercise etc.  (he is a body builder that takes part in competitions, so he knows what he is talking about).  At the end

he said he has a challenge for me… I was a bit scared to ask what it was, but I asked!

He asked what my goal weight was and thus how much I wanted to loose  –  I said I want to lose 20 kg by latest end Dec 2019.  He said it is most definitely doable (he even said I have a 6 pack that is waiting to come out!)           and suggested the following:  He said I must give him R5000.  If I lose the 20 kg by end Dec, he will give me my R5000 back.  I thought about it for a minute or so (as it is a lot of money) and then told him he has a deal.

He then told me that just because I was willing to put my R5000 up to maybe lose (and not win anything extra moneywise) that my mind set was right and that he know I can do it.  I felt so motivated after our chat and then told my husband about it when I got home.

My husband then said, if I lose 20 kg by end Dec 2019, he will give me R5000.  I immediately took the challenge and started to gym and cycle more.  I also decided to enter for the Karoo to Coast Mountain bike challenge in September again (100 km from Uniondale to Knysna).  I am crazy about sleep and started to stand up at 06h00 to go to the gym or cycle outdoors if the weather was fine.  Something I never thought I would do.

I look at what I eat and eat smaller portions.  I also have my one piggy meal once a week (just the one meal).  And that helps a lot!  I am now so ready and going strong.

To date I have lost 9.8 kg from Jan and make a point of it to let my husband know that he must start getting my money together.  I now feel like exercising and love my new lifestyle.  If you mind set is right, you can do ANYTHING!