The Internet has changed everything. The world is vastly different now that we can connect in ever-growing ways, across a variety of platforms and using all manner of devices. Much of this is good news and can be seen as progress – just image a Covid pandemic pre-Internet!? But perhaps it is not all positive? Has the online world and all the emerging new technology become excessive? Has it taken over our lives too much? Does tech add to our lives? Or detract? Or maybe a bit of both?

This is a HUGE topic and much has been said and written about it. The whole question of how technology, and online technology, has changed and is changing our lives, is and will remain important for all of us. This wellness article cannot hope to tackle the matter in any level of detail but here are a few interesting questions you may want to consider:

  1. Do you find yourself engaging with your screen when you are with friends and family?
  2. When you arrive somewhere like a beach do you rush to take a photo to upload & share, or do you pause long enough to actual take in your surroundings first before taking photos?
  3. Do you use your phone or other devices in the bedroom?
  4. How long do your spend screen-free first thing in the morning?
  5. How long do you spend screen-free last thing at night?
  6. Do you have any screen-free times that you and your household actually observe (e.g. meal times)?
  7. Do you feel anxious when you do not have your phone or other device with you?
  8. Do you ever do things, or visit places, just for the photo?
  9. Answer intuitively and instantly: is tech a good thing in your life? (Yes or no)
  10. Answer intuitively and instantly: does your tech run you or do you run your tech?

We think it comes to balance – embracing the joys of the modern world and guarding against some of the excesses. We suspect that many of us would be more well with an adjusted balance. This short article aims to provoke thought. Only. We do not believe we have answers or specific advice to give here. Indeed, we struggle with these same issues, just as much as anyone does (we imagine). But we do think & hope that some focus and deliberate thought may help you to find better balance in these areas.