42So what’s in it for me? A lot. An awful lot. Exercise is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Just to offer a short list of the main benefits of exercise:

  • Energy. Active people are more energetic. They get more done in a day, more easily.
  • Happiness. Active people feel happier and are less likely to develop depression and other mood problems (indeed, exercise is sometimes advocated as a treatment for depression).
  • Health. Exercising can help with several health problems including high blood pressure, raised cholesterol, diabetes, and an array of joint and muscle problems like arthritis.
  • Health Risk. Living an active lifestyle reduces your risk of developing several dread diseases like heart disease and stroke.
  • Weight Control. Exercise can help you lose weight and it can help you maintain lost weight.
  • Appearance. Active people have better circulation, skin tone, hair and nails, than do couch potatoes. Not to mention being slimmer and more toned!
  • Strength. The simple ability to handle daily tasks such as lifting, carrying, shopping, DIY, etc. Doing “life” with less struggle and improved ease & comfort, comes from being stronger and that comes from…you guessed it!

You probably knew about most of this stuff, yes? We just thought it important to remind you how many great benefits come from exercise.