Keeping it up. It’s such a familiar story: we start with great enthusiasm and good intentions, but after a few weeks we find that we’ve reverted back to the couch, the running shoes are gathering dust, and our bellies are expanding alarmingly. It can be so very hard to develop long-standing exercise habits and this is perhaps the area of most difficulty for most of us.

So, here is a simple & practical plan: we’d like you look below and try to commit to the plans shown here (write in yes or no). See if you can say yes to each one? ….

DIARISE Nearly everyone uses a diary. Use yours to enter your exercise “appointments” and then, keep them!
SHARE Exercise with a friend or work colleague, or a group. This encourages you to stick to your plans and is fun too.
PARENT If you are a parent try to include your kids. That way they motivate you and you help them build healthy lifestyles at the same time.
GOALS You have already set some targets but how about adding in some extra targets (e.g. weight, kilometres, time round the block, etc.)
PROGRESS Write down your goals & targets and track your progress. Look at it regularly and you will SEE your own success.
CHOOSE Above all else, remember that your wellbeing is about your choices. It’s up to you, it really is.
BE KIND Despite all of this, we do all have “off-days” from time to time. If you do, try to forgive yourself and just move on (with your exercise plans).
REWARD You are going to succeed so remember to reward yourself when you do. Just choose healthy rewards (e.g. a massage or a new book rather than a pizza)

Active living and regular exercise are so good for us in so many ways. It is how we should all live. It is how we all, or nearly all, want to live. Perhaps these ideas will help you stay active and well.