sleep7-8 hours of good sleep every night is associated with real immediate and longer-term health benefits.

Here are some practical tips to help you sleep better:

  • Dark and cool. The ideal bedroom is totally dark and cool (not freezing cold but cool).
  • Routine. Our bodies respond well to routine so having a farly consistent bedtime really helps.
  • Slow down. You should try to avoid being too active, all electronic screens (TV, phone, computer), work, and anything that is “stimulating” for about an hour before you ant to sleep. This is a good time for quiet chats, book reading, and the like.
  • NO. Caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate), excess alcohol (anything more than 2 drinks), sugar (cool drinks, sweets) for 4-6 hours before sleep.
  • Use an alarm. It may sound contradictory but in truth many people relax and sleep better knowing that the morning alarm is set and so they know they cannot sleep in.
  • Comfort. Investing in a mattress, linen, and pillows that work for you is money well spent.

Very few people use all of these tips and most adults do not sleep enough or well enough…