The Sanlam Wellness Rowing challenge, held recently at head office, was an initiative by the wellness champions and spearheaded by Elaine Kerchhoff and Bevan Louw – actuarial Wellness champions. The purpose of the event was a reminder to staff – in addition to being a follow-up to the Spinning Challenge  –  of optional ways of doing workouts such as using machine rowers.

The event turned out to be a great hit with all who participated including those that brought some “gees” to assist them or their team members in getting the best wining times. It also proved to be a great fun for teams who came to support and cheer colleagues who were rowing.

The enthusiasm from the rowers and supporters created lots of energy at the session and hopefully greater awareness amongst staff of Wellness at Sanlam.

By way of reminder: most experts recommend that adults get 2-3 hours of exercise (sweaty short-of-breath exercise like running, cycling, gym workouts, and, yes, rowing) each week as well as doing at least 30 minutes of gentler activity (e.g. walking) every day.

We thank Chantal Paul (SPF HR), Julia Fourie (Group Wellness Chairperson), Group Events and Zone Fitness for supporting and collaborating on this initiative.

Written by Bevan Louw (with minor edits when published)