Welcome to the 2021 edition of the popular “Activity Challenge Series”

A series of virtual fun activities to get you moving!

DATE:  see countdown-timers on the right of this page

This activity challenge is to get us moving whilst having fun.  It is virtual and therefore fully flexible to suit all lifestyles.  It is easy, there is a 3 km race for those who want to take it easy and a 10km for the more serious ones.

YOU CAN WIN! 4 spot prizes, R500 Applause Rewards each, for those who complete the race and submit their STRAVA record and photos to us!

You can do it on your own, with your family or virtually with your extended work family. You can walk, run, or cycle. You can see it as a “race” if you wish (but there no prizes for being fast) or just a chance to get out, do something and get some healthy activity into your weekend.

How to enter?  Entries are open now – please see countdown timers on the right of this page).

To enter this fun virtual event click on this link: 2021 ACTIVITY CHALLENGE

How do I get my hands on a spot prize*?

Step 1: Download STRAVA from the app store for smartphones (Apple and Android).  There is a free download or a premium paid version for the more serious ones.  STRAVA is necessary to record your activity.  You can share activities and photos from STRAVA.  Download STRAVA today and get used to the functionality.

Step 2: E-mail the following before the dates shown on the right of this page to activitychallenge@workcarewellness.co.za OR Whatsapp it to 072 630 8952 –

  • Your name and surname
  • Screenshot/copy of the STRAVA route recorded of the run, walk or cycle completed on the challenge date.
  • Fun photograph of your activity (individual or group)

*Note: Prizes will be selected using a random selection tool, in conjunction with internal audit, but fun photos will definitely catch the judges’ attention!  When you share via email or Whatsapp please ensure that all 3 parts of the information required is attached.

Safety first – Your safety is first priority and you are taking part in the virtual fun runs at your own risk. You will also need to be mindful of lockdown regulations applicable to exercise.

Full terms and conditions will be on the link when you register.

Past Winners:

For more photos from our recent activity challenges you can visit the Sanlam Intranet here (please note that this is an INTRAnet link and will only work from within the Sanlam Group INTRAnet).

The rules:

  1. The event is limited to Sanlam and Santam and MiWay and Brolink employees.
  2. Submit one entry per employee to be eligible for prizes. If your household group or virtual work family includes more than one employee, please submit an entry for each employee.
  3. Please make sure you include all the necessary information in your entry, without all the information you cannot qualify for spot prizes and participation in the race.
  4. By entering for the spot prizes and submitting your photo and record of your activity you give permission to Sanlam Wellness to publish, on any of its platforms, this information and photos as part of a corporate wellness campaign.
  5. All activity must adhere to applicable laws including lockdown regulations. Please check the current and local regulations so you are safe and law abiding at all times.
  6. By participating in the event(s), you acknowledge that there may be risks and hazards involved and you indemnify Sanlam Wellness and/or Workcare Wellness against any loss, injury, damage, or costs that may occur, howsoever they may occur.
  7. Each prize will be valued at R500.00 and will be in the form of Sanlam APPLAUSE e-points or Yellow Moola (Santam).  For employees outside of South Africa, the prize value will take different format.  Sanlam Wellness will be in contact with the winners to claim their prizes.


You will need STRAVA: STRAVA is an established activity platform, widely used in the market. Please learn how to take and associate a photo with your activity, within STRAVA.

Sharing Activities from STRAVA

  1. From your mobile device, select the activity that you’d like to share (the walk, run or cycle challenge activity).
  2. You can share any activity (including stationary activities or manually created activities,) however, only activities recorded with GPS will include a map or image with stats, and only these (GPS recorded) activities will be eligible for prizes.
  3. Click the share-icon in your feed or activity view.
  4. If you’ve attached photos to your activity, you will be prompted to select what you’d like to share (a map or photo). Please share the photo to be eligible for a prize. If you don’t have any photos uploaded to your activity, you will be able to share the map image.
  5. Next, choose where you’d like to share this activity and photo. You can share using email to activitychallenge@workcarewellness.co.za or using WhatsApp to 072 630 8952.

Download the STRAVA today and test it so you know how to share activities and photos.   We look forward to all the shared your activities and photos!

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    Making healthy habits stick

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    Walking. Perhaps one of the greatest paths to wellness..... The benefits Fitness - walking improves your cardiovascular fitness. Health risk - walking reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke. Silent killers - walking helps with the management of the three silent killers: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar / diabetes. Bones - regular walking builds bone [...]

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    So many of us have so many excuses for not being active. Here's a look at three specific areas where you can perhaps stop the procrastinating and get busy being active. At home Car-washing, gardening and even housework can all be active and energetic activities (think speed). You can do some sit-ups or ride your exercise bike while watching [...]

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    You're active or you're getting active. Great! But you want to make sure you do it right and get the maximum benefit from your exercise programme. This is where you need to understand the three building blocks of a good regime. Cardio This is exercise that raises your heart rate and makes you short of breath. Good examples are [...]

2021 Challenge: Submit your entry by 25 March 2021 to qualify for possible prizes.

The first 2021 challenge is on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 March 2021


If you have queries about how this challenge works, how you enter, etc. you can email activitychallenge@workcarewellness.co.za

If you have queries about exercise and activity in general, you can use ask-the-coach below.

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