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Here are some Sanlam stories. Some are inspiring, others educational, some will get you thinking and a few may make you laugh, or cry. All are true stories, submitted by Sanlam staff – we publish them un-edited and as-submitted. We’re extremely thankful to all participants and we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading these stories. If you have a story to share please email us on (please send between 400 and 4000 words and a JPEG photo).

Jacky Badenhorst [a coronavirus lock-down story]

What a year we will never forget.  So my son and his wife decided that 21 March 2020 will be the day that she becomes part of the Badies family.  Little did we know that a small little prickly pear looking virus was heading our way.  Honeymoon planned tickets bought and Mauritius here they come. Then the news broke and panic set in. Do they still go on honeymoon, what was the number of infections in Mauritius, what was the numbers in Kenya – their lay over airport?  Do we continue with the wedding – everything was paid for.  Luckily we only had 60 guests.   My son still held out hope for the honeymoon – of course!!  Then the airports started [...]

Tania Etzebeth [a coronavirus lock-down story)

It was about 5 years ago in the bushveld where we took this photo of my son next to this huge baobab tree in Alldays.  More than 1 854 km from home and a 20 hour drive. This is where we got one of the seed pods of this tree. We kept it all these years and with lockdown decided to grow our own. This is a very strong tree but takes years and years to grow: They only grow one millimetre a month. Wonder how many years it took this tree to get so strong and tall. I am sure this tree in the picture do have many stories to tell. It can hold up to 120 000 litres of water [...]

Marie Rich [a coronavirus lock-down story)

My Liewe Kollegas As ek so na almal se fotos kyk dan haal ek my hoed af vir die wat gewig verloor het. Ek is op die stadium soos ‘n Sy wurm.  Jy weet as jy vir hulle ‘n hele boom vol Moerby blare gee en 10 minute later kyk , dan is als opgevreet,   dis ek daai. Die enigste verskil tussen my en die wurm is dat ek nie kan spin nie, want glo my as ek kon sou ek vir elke Sanlammer ‘n kant gordyn of Duvet stel kon spin. Wens ek kan nou net in ‘n papie in verander en begin eiers lê. So doen ons ook Vergaderings op “Microsoft Team”  Dit laat my dink aan ‘n AA meeting  [...]

Elana Olivier [a coronavirus lock-down story)

Never in my life have I thought that a lockdown and a state of emergency will be declared in my lifetime…However, reality started when the schools closed earlier for holidays. Now, for a mom this is stressful as the President would not make a decision to close schools earlier just because. Then, the President addressed the nation that night…I had goose bumps all over my body and I knew this is not good. We continued working until reality strikes during the week that the lockdown was going to start. Seeing employees leaving the building with their PC’s, desks being cleared and all of a sudden silence on that Thursday, 26 March 2020 afternoon. Greeting my colleagues (we are very close in the Collections Department [...]

Shelley Sabbatini [a coronavirus lock-down story)

Hi Wealthsmiths! What a great time to be a Wealthsmith.  I am so very proud to be part of this phenomenal organisation, especially during our country’s COVID19 lockdown. Working from home is a new experience for some, however, as a broker consultant, it can be a way of life, with appointments all day, and only the evenings and early mornings to catch up on the never ending inflow of emails and work. I usually stick to some form of routine as far as possible, but gym attendance at Battlefit, my local Reality affiliated independent gym, has become a non-negotiable over the years… until lockdown that is.  I am not the most disciplined when it comes to training on my own at [...]

Isabel Gwebu

I am a 57-year-old mother of 2 adult children, 165 cm tall and with a weight of 90.1kgs. I am obese medically speaking, with a ‘not to mention’ Body Mass Index. I don’t exercise, but I know how critical it is for a healthy lifestyle……yet I consider myself quite health conscious and take my health and wellness seriously. I receive the Ignite invitation email, read it, and think , wow, I really would like to join this journey, since I’ve been trying for several years to shed some weight without success , but I tell myself not to be selfish, as there are more deserving people I have observed in Sanlam. The following day, I receive an email from Ignite saying [...]

Lize de la Harpe

6 years ago I found myself divorced with two kids under the age of 4 -  facing not only a mountain of responsibility to take on by myself, but also a mountain of financial pressure ….to take on with only one income. So naturally the first thing I did was give up any form of luxury – manicures, lavish outings, heck even dating! I simply couldn’t take on any more responsibility, whether financially or emotionally. But small kids don’t work well with budgets – our medical aid simply didn’t keep up with the string of viruses generated by a crèche and my kids made a point of outgrowing everything they owned each season. So every month I was floored by unplanned/out [...]

Keteng Lenko

My name is Keteng Lenko, I’m 28 years old young man living with a disability. I always strive beyond my disability, I believe everyone has the ability to do great things in life. We all are capable of being a better person than we are today. Going against what you experiencing at the moment will always push you to do exceptional work. Who are we to be defined by our situation?  Who said we are not capable of being high achievers? In order to strive to be the best we need to do away with the fear of the unknown and start believing that “We can do all things nothing can limit us”                                    Marianne Williamson said our deepest fear is not that we [...]

Nelene Cronje

As an Enterprise Business Consultant, I work all over the Western Cape and spend a lot of my time on the road to see clients. This makes healthy eating difficult and therefore knowing where each town’s drive-through is, became important! This was my lifestyle, together with being very sociable, contributed to me being 45kg overweight and having no energy for any exercise or even joining my family when they exercised. Together with just not being happy with myself and the state I was in as food became my go to, my comfort. When I was feeling down or frustrated, I would revert to having coffee and cake with a friend, or stopping by and buying something nice to eat or drink. [...]

Trishal Lazarus

If Angelina Jolie can do it … so can I BRCA 1 positive but I’m choosing life, you always have a choice This whole journey started when I was 7 years old, when my role model, my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31. At the same time my maternal grandmother was undergoing her treatment in her mid-50s.  At a young tender age I have been exposed to the reality of cancer. In a nutshell my maternal family has a history of 4 generations of, a genetic predisposition for breast and ovarian cancer. My mum and grandmother both tested positive for the BRCA 1 gene in 2003. It was inevitable that I would have to undergo genetic [...]

Shayne Hollenberg

My stories starts a few years back. I have been participating in sport my whole life, soccer, cycling and now running, from 5km and now I run Marathons and Ultra Marathons. I have many injuries caused by sport, snapped Achilles Tendon on my left leg, broken ankle in two places on my right leg, left knee ligament operation and I replaced my fifth and sixth vertebra on my neck. As I am very sporty and cannot allow myself to give up or back off due to the injuries I decided to take on the challenge of riding my first 94.7 cycle challenge during my recovery time and successfully completed it. I have completed a few more since then about 7 of [...]

Debbie van Zyl

My name is Debbie van Zyl and I work in GTI.  I have not struggled with my weight in High school (I actually asked my parents to get me something to gain weight  -  which never happened). I only started to gaining weight after my son was born and I started to eat anything that I wanted and as much as I wanted and almost stopped exercising completely (I was very sporty up until this point). I started to follow a diet with Herbalife, which helped up to a point, but it was not something I was willing to do for the rest of my life, so my weight fluctuated a lot and I could not keep it down… up to [...]

Marietha Hoeflich

On 11 February 2019 I shared my story on Facebook because this was the exact day that my transformation route started 2 years back, on 11 Febuary 2017 and 20kg heavier, that I joined Forever Strong Fitness Training & almost died that day.  The trainer decided it was burpees only training…..for someone who did not know what a burpee was before that day.  Because Gym’s are not for me this lasted only a month and I started looking for alternative exercise methods, which includes from that time till now: Monday Zumba Classes (just love dancing) @ Oakdale Club with couch Fransonette Slabbert  who is amazing Tuesday and Thursday boot camp classes at the Doordekraal dam (in the open feeling nature) with [...]

Mechelle le Roux

Unapologetically resilient In 2013 at 25 years old I suffered a stroke, initially I was misdiagnosed with an anxiety attack due to my age and as the symptoms progressed 24 hours later an MRI revealed a blood clot on my brain, with a combination of reasons such as lifestyle, hereditary Hypertension, stress etc., however this was only a speculation and no known cause was ever found. As a result of the stroke my left side was paralyzed and with extensive therapy I recovered the ability to walk, not completely recovered I live a fully functional life with my disability. It’s been a challenging journey accepting the loss of certain abilities, adjusting to my “new norm” and still continuing to thrive both [...]

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