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Stress is a major concern for many of us, with about 1 in 5 adults reporting significant levels of stress. It’s often caused by work, financial, relationship and other pressures but because these pressures will not really go away, stress management is about changing what you can and learning to cope with what’s left. Easier said than done, we know…

Here is a set of self-help resources that may be of value to you.

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Why is lifestyle change so hard?

We all want to be well, or more well. Perhaps it's more exercise, better sleep, less alcohol, losing weight, coping with stress more effectively, quitting smoking, or something else. But we all have that list in our heads, you know, the "I'd be really well if I could change xxxyyyzzz" list. But we have usually had the same list in our minds [...]

Mental Matters

Mental Matters PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTRESS IN WORKING SOUTH AFRICA Mental health is a challenge that some 30% of people struggle with at some stage in their lives. The personal, family, business, and social costs are very significant. Stigma, access-to-care, rates of trauma, and other challenges remain. Employers can do much to help, and will help themselves in the process. Context & Prevalence Mental [...]

So What IS Stress?

So, what is stress? Well, the definition is that stress is your response to demands and challenges. This response may be physical or psychological and is nearly always a combination of both. The subtle but crucial thing here is that stress is something we experience due to our own response to things. Stress comes from within us. It is triggered and caused [...]

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