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Back Pain

Every adult experiences it at some stage and in any given year 50% of adults have an episode of back pain. It’s common! Lower back pain is normally self-limiting and recovers quite well although there are serious warning signs to be aware of and some instances when intensive treatment and even surgery is necessary. Many cases of back pain can be prevented if you know how…

Here is a set of self-help resources that may be of value to you. On the right you can ask-the-coach and enrol on a special 6-week email series {“know more”). Below are some key articles.


Should you see a chiropractor? We are quite often asked this question and the answer is tricky... Healthcare as it is practised in South Africa, and most of the so-called "western world", is based on science, meaning that the methods and treatments used have been shown to be effective. [...]

Self Help Resources



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