Quality healthcare is important. When we become ill we want to know that we will receive prompt quality care at excellent facilities staffed by qualified & experienced professionals. In South Africa this IS available but in most cases it means accessing private healthcare. South Africa’s private healthcare system is world-class but unfortunately the same cannot be said of the public healthcare system. Private healthcare is costly.

This is why Sanlam has a clear policy that requires all employees to be members of a medical aid scheme. In this way we know that all employees can access quality healthcare when they need it. We know that the salary sacrifice is significant but we also know that it is really essential today.

It is very important to understand your medical scheme membership and its benefits so that you can make best use of these. Please contact your medical scheme with any queries you might have. The contact details of the main schemes used in Sanlam are shown on the right, and you can access more information on our Intranet here.

Quick Information

Appointed healthcare broker for Sanlam  and MiWay staff . Contact us for :

  • Advice & comparisons between your current medical scheme and Sanlam’s preferred Schemes – Fedhealth  and  Bonitas
  • Gap Cover comparative options and benefits
  • Any other healthcare needs

0860 122 340


Fedhealth 0860 002 153

Bonitas 0860 002 108

Bestmed 0860 002 378