Lead a walk; Join a walk; Walk 100 km in 6 weeks

We all want or need to be more active. Walking is a great way to do this because it is really something we can all do. So here is a challenge for all Sanlam Group employees: create walking groups of 5 people and try to each walk at least 100 km,  in 6 weeks.

Win R5000.00

Yes! The three groups who walk the furthest between 23 September and 01 November (the 6 weeks) will each win R5000.00 (the group wins R5000.00). In addition, Sanlam Investments’ employees will win a further two R5000.00 prizes (same rules apply except that only Investments staff will be eligible for these two group prizes). So that’s a cool R25 000.00 in prizes for walking!

Only full-time Sanlam Group employees are eligible. Sanlam wellness reserves the right to query or investigate or audit any results and all Sanlam wellness’ decisions will be final. Participants names and their involvement in this challenge, as well as certain other details, will be published within the Sanlam Group. participants consent to this when registering / taking part.


Entries are now closed.

If you have a query on how this service works, or a technical query, you can use the COMMENTS on this page or you can email support@sanlamwellness.co.za .

If you have a query on walking, exercise, or health & wellness generally, you can use the Ask-the-wellness-coach from (link is below).

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Ask the wellness coach

Lead A Walk – Team Challenge.

Monday 23 September 2019 to Friday 01 November 2019

The walking challenge is a six week challenge which has been set up as part of the Wellness offering. The aim is to encourage staff to increase their walking activity both in and outdoors. It is a great team building activity as well. It is a fun and easy way for staff to improve their physical and mental wellbeing and also a great opportunity to help the environment by improving their carbon footprint and ditching the car or bus and walk to work….where possible.


  • Teams must consist of five people / participants.
  • Only full-time employees of the Sanlam Group are eligible for entry and participation.
  • Each team must nominate a team captain, who will responsible for the registration of the group and verification of the tracked walking distance.
  • The idea is that you walk together as team. We understand diaries are difficult to coordinate, for this reason at least 60% of your distance must be completed together as a team (three to five members walking together will be considered a team effort). The onus is on the team leader to be honest and ensure this is adhered to.
  • Based on the above, 40% of the distance can be completed by individuals on their own (all five members must walk the 40% distance at their own convenience)
  • Each team member must complete a walked distance of 100km in 6 weeks. This means that the team, TOTAL after 6 weeks must be over 500km in order to qualify and stand a chance to win.
  • You must have a smartphone that is capable of running the Strava app (fairly modern/updated device).
  • Each team member should enroll on the Sanlam Wellness SA club account on the “STRAVA” App (Apple and Play stores) and record all walks on the STRAVA APP.
  • Each Team Leader must at the very least be able to use and record distance walked on the Strava app.
  • Should any member of team not be able to make use of Strava due to technical limitations, that Team Leader may apply to have that users walking data recorded from their own Strava account.
  • Staff must track their daily walks using the Strava APP. This may also include walking in your own time; evenings and weekends.
  • If a team member drops out or leaves the employment of Sanlam they cannot be replaced by another member of staff.
  • The mobile Strava APP must be fully functional throughout the duration of the six weeks, tracking each walk you embark on.
  • If you forget to record your activity at any given time, we will not be able to make up or award any average distance you would have walked.
  • Sanlam wellness reserves the right to query and or to audit the results.
  • Sanlam wellness’ decisions are final.
  • Participants names and their involvement in this challenge, and certain other details, may be published within the Sanlam wellness programme and within Sanlam generally. Participants consent to this when taking part.
  • Running does not count, only walking counts.

Share in R25 000 prizes

Yes! The three groups who walk the furthest between 23 September and 01 November (the 6 weeks) will each win R5 000.00 (the group wins R5 000.00). In addition, Sanlam Investments’ groups (all 5 walkers are from Sanlam Investments) will win a further two R5 000.00 prizes (same rules apply except that only Investments staff will be eligible for these two group prizes). So that’s a cool R25 000.00 in prizes for walking!

Safety Tips

  • Choose comfortable, supportive shoes such as running, walking or cross-training shoes.
  • If you are intending to go for a longer walk, warm up with stretching exercises and include a cool down period to avoid stress on your heart and muscles.
  • Maintain a brisk pace. You should work hard to keep up your pace, but still be able to talk while walking.
  • Practice correct posture – head upright, arms bent at the elbow and swinging as you stride.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after walking.
  • Walk in well-lit areas where it is fairly busy.
  • Be careful of traffic.
  • Wear reflective clothing if walking in the dark.

How does Strava work?

Strava is an app that is downloaded onto your smart mobile phone (Andriod or iPhone).  Once downloaded you would register (if not already registered) a profile and setup your personal details as you wish.

You would then search for and request access to “Sanlam Wellness SA”. This is a private group so access is approved by an administrator.

Once you have joined the group, you would then use Strava to track your activities, which will be totalled up and used to update the Lead A Walk Challenge leaderboard.

Check back here often for updates!

Join the Sanlam Wellness SA group by clicking on the Stava logo below:

Here are some tips & pointers for using STRAVA in this challenge:

  1. Only dedicated walks will count towards your team total. Trips around the office, errands and other general walking does not count. (PRO TIP: Name your walk for easy identification. eg. TEAMNAME WALK 1, TEAMNAME WALK 2 etc
  2. There have been early troubles with getting Strava working. Strava works using your devices GPS signal. Lack thereof is usually the culprit when battling to get Strava working. Here are some Tips to get it working.
  3. The Strava leaderboard is not in sync with our own, so they do not clearly indicate which team is in the lead, this leaderboard is purely informational (and to spur you on to greater heights!)
  4. Your Strava name and the name provided in your challenge entry must be exactly the same (edit your Strava name if not).
  5. Do not set your data-profile to “private” – if you do so we will be unable to access your data and you will be disqualified.
  6. No team changes, additions, substitutions, from 26 September.
  7. Strava data will vary, even when you walk in a group and start/stop at exactly the same time. Generally Strava has an accuracy rate of 98% or higher, depending on GPS signal (better outdoors, worse indoors) and your device (each device works differently) – but the differences are minor and over time they become insignificant.

Please remember that you can contact us for advice – just email support@sanlamwellness.co.za.