There’s a Wealthsmith™ in you, if you take care of your health & your wealth!

Money is an important factor in our life, however, the unfortunate truth is that many of us are not financially well. We struggle with debt, cash-flow, inadequate savings and the difficulty of being able to retire securely. This compromises our overall state of wellbeing, causing anxiety, distraction, stress and also affects our relationships and work performance. Financial wellness is a challenge, but you can take charge of it through the many tools, resources and services that are available to assist you. Many of these are listed here, free of charge and confidentiality is assured, so take this opportunity to empower yourself.

Sanlam Key Solutions

To have control of your financial security you need a financial plan. However, most of us don’t have the time or knowledge to create and manage our own financial plan and therefore need to seek help from a professional. It’s hard to know which steps to take. At Sanlam Key Solutions, we get that and we’re here to help you make the most of what you have.

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Financial advice, support & counselling

Help is only a call away. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Contact a Sanlam Key Solutions Advisor or a SSUF Accredited Advisor  for financial planning and advice.

Our EAP also offers 24/7 counselling and support that includes debt counselling, managing debt, budgets and black listing, as well as the emotional complications involved. This service is free and confidentiality is assured.

Here is a valuable info-sheet on you and your money.


Simple. Social. Saving. With Sanlam.

Create a fund and invite friends and family to contribute.

ADDaBIT is a modern take on the traditional “Stokvel” or group-saving scheme.  It’s ideal for special occasions, family holidays, children’s savings, and more. But it’s not just for short term goals – you can create long term funds and invest towards the future, perhaps for a first car, private school or a Harvard tuition. ADDaBIT to your fund whenever you can. No penalties. No minimum payments, no lump sum payments and very competitive returns!

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Careways EAP (for Sanlam & Santam & Brolink employees):  0800 204 555

ICAS EAP (for Sanlam Investments & MiWay employees): 0800 611 053

Contact a Sanlam Key Solutions Advisor or a SSUF Accredited Advisor  for financial planning and advice

Simple. Social. Saving. With Sanlam.

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