Your new financial wellness programme

Dear MiWayans,

Your hard work, personal commitment and dedication to our team is vital to the success of MiWay. The wellbeing of our people is important to us and over the past few months, you have been able to participate in several interventions as part of our holistic wellbeing framework.

We know that many people have been impacted financially as a result of the pandemic, moreover, most people work to earn an income, yet sadly many people don’t have the skills needed to become savvy money managers. The current income to debt ratio is 73%, which means that on average 73% of our income is spent on debt, similarly, a whopping 9 out of 10 South Africans are unable to retire as we are a nation of spenders versus savers. We know you work hard to earn your income and we want your money to work just as hard for you.

Santam (and MiWay) HR has partnered with a service provider to launch a Financial Wellness Programme, another offering in the holistic wellbeing framework. The programme is tailor-made, professionally managed, and will assist and support you on your journey to financial freedom.

The programme is sponsored by Santam and is a free and confidential service which you can use to improve your personal financial life. They have partnered with Interface, who has an independent team of specialist coaches in the field of financial wellness. The aim of the financial wellness programme is to provide you with expert practical solutions for all your financial needs.

The programme comprises of a number of virtual sessions covering a range of topics.

Some of the financial solutions that will be covered by the programme include:

  • Budgeting assistance – budget tools and budget coaching
  • Transactional banking – make you bank work for you
  • Debt management solutions including formal debt counselling
  • Garnishee orders
  • Credit health and personal lending
  • Financial goal-setting – home buying guidance and vehicle financing guidance
  • Tax enquiries and solutions- tax returns at a discount of 20%

What makes the offering unique is the support of one-on-one financial coaching to support your personalised specific needs. Your financial coach will be able to assist you from the moment your salary hits your bank account so that you can start to manage your money more effectively. Whether you need help with your budget, debt, if you are buying a home or looking for ways in which you can save effectively, the programme can add value to your financial life. Where your needs extend beyond financial coaching into financial planning, Interface will refer you to a Sanlam FAIS accredited financial planner.

The financial wellness programme is available to all MiWay employees. The programme has kicked off with a few information sessions for managers and employees enabling you to find out more about the programme and how it will work. You will have received an invitation to register for the information sessions – Look out for the email from HR titled “Learn more about financial coaching”.

Please note that when you embark on the financial wellness journey by opting into the 12-week programme, you will communicate directly with a financial coach from Interface.

We trust that you will find this employee benefit valuable as we continue to grow our employee value proposition (EVP).

MiWay cares about you and your financial health and future.


—There’s a Wealthsmith™ in you, if you take care of your health & your wealth!

Money is an important factor in our life, however, the unfortunate truth is that many of us are not financially well. We struggle with debt, cash-flow, inadequate savings and the difficulty of being able to retire securely. This compromises our overall state of wellbeing, causing anxiety, distraction, stress and also affects our relationships and work performance. Financial wellness is a challenge, but you can take charge of it through the many tools, resources and services that are available to assist you. Many of these are listed here, free of charge and confidentiality is assured, so take this opportunity to empower yourself.

Sanlam Key Solutions

To have control of your financial security you need a financial plan. However, most of us don’t have the time or knowledge to create and manage our own financial plan and therefore need to seek help from a professional. It’s hard to know which steps to take. At Sanlam Key Solutions, we get that and we’re here to help you make the most of what you have.

Click here to access the information, tools and calculators to get you going on your journey to financial freedom.

Financial advice, support & counselling

Help is only a call away. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Contact a Sanlam Key Solutions Advisor or a SSUF Accredited Advisor  for financial planning and advice.

Our EAP also offers 24/7 counselling and support that includes debt counselling, managing debt, budgets and black listing, as well as the emotional complications involved. This service is free and confidentiality is assured.

Here is a valuable info-sheet on you and your money.

30 Oct / 2 Nov Registration links provided
05-Nov Registration links provided
06-Nov 2X 30 min sessions for managers
>>>>>>> >>>>>>>
09-Nov 2X 30 min sessions for managers
11-Nov 3x 30 min sessions for staff
12-Nov 3x 30 min sessions for staff
19-Nov Teaser 2- Link to register
>>>>>>> >>>>>>>
17-Nov-20 Week 1: Assess your Financial Now
24-Nov-20 Week 2: Understanding your pay slip
01-Dec-20 Week 3: Budget Better: Small Changes make a difference
08-Dec-20 Week 4: Understanding your Banking benefits
17Dec2020 – 08Jan2021  Programme Paused Due To December Break
18-Jan-21 Week 5: Credit Health and You
25-Jan-21 Week 6: Your Debt Snapshot
01-Feb-21 Week 7: Financial Roadblock’s – Family Tax
08-Feb-21 Week 8: Financial Goal Setting
15-Feb-21 Week 9: Saving and You
22-Feb-21 Week 10: Investments Making Money work for you
01-Mar-21 Week 11: Financial Protection
08-Mar-21 Week 12: Financial Reflection What has changed

We care about you and know you work hard to earn the income that hits your bank account on pay day. But do you have the skills you need to make your money work for you while you are hard at work earning it?  In partnership with Interface, we are offering you a free and confidential financial coaching service to empower you to better manage your financial life.

Follow these two simple steps and we’ll assist you.

Experience financial coaching.

1 – Watch here to learn more about financial coaching (INTRAnet link, only works inside Sanlam network)

2 – Click here to assess yourself and you could WIN

Learn more about the financial wellness programme.


24th February 2021

  • Session 1: 10h00 – 10h30
  • Session 2: 11h00 – 11h30

25th February 2021

  • Session 1: 10h00 – 10h30
  • Session 2: 11h00 – 11h30

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9th March 2021

  • Session 1: 10h00 – 10h30
  • Session 2: 11h00 – 11h30

10th March 2021

  • Session 1: 10h00 – 10h30
  • Session 2: 11h00 – 11h30

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  • What is financial wellness at work?
  • Sanlam cares
  • Overview of services
  • What’s the benefit to you

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Careways EAP (for Sanlam & Santam & Brolink employees):  0800 204 555

ICAS EAP (for Sanlam Investments & MiWay employees): 0800 611 053

Contact a Sanlam Key Solutions Advisor or a SSUF Accredited Advisor  for financial planning and advice