Think for a moment about why you work? We are sure you will agree, it is to earn a living – but does your money work for you as hard as you work to earn it?

Afrocentric Health cares about your financial wellness. They know that when a person is feeling financial stress it impacts every aspect of their life, from physical health, mental health, relationships and even productivity at work. The financial wellbeing and coaching program is Free, Confidential and Accessible for you and your family members to use.

Your financial coach is a generalist and can assist you no matter where you are on your financial journey. Whether you are needing guidance on budgeting, to selecting the right bank account for your personal needs, from accessing your credit report to helping you get out of the debt trap. We provide you with guidance on how to achieve your financial goals from buying a home, to a car. To ensuring you start to save today to secure your financial tomorrow. Helping you with ensuring you have a will in place and the right protection elements.

Access financial coaching – by simply emailing or calling us on 011 326 0060

Because we care, Because Afrocentric cares, Because your financial health is important.

If you need free and confidential help with money matters please make contact (service available to all Afrocentric staff):

  1. Contact no: 011 326 0060
  2. Email:
  3. Online: